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8 Apr. 1991
Goodbye to All That
The townspeople try to cheer up Joel after his fiancee dumps him.
15 Apr. 1991
The Big Kiss
Ed goes on a spirit quest to find his parents; Chris loses his voice and must sleep with the most beautiful woman in town to recover it; to that aim, he invites Maggie to dinner. When Joel mocks her charm, Maggie takes on the challenge.
22 Apr. 1991
All Is Vanity
Maggie purports Joel to be her boyfriend to gain her father's approval; Holling comes to a very personal decision.
29 Apr. 1991
What I Did for Love
A charming replacement and Maggie's premonition of death make Joel reconsider his trip to New York.
6 May 1991
Spring Break
Holling picks fights with patrons; Ed seeks a once-a-year kleptomaniac; Maurice falls for a trooper.
13 May 1991
War and Peace
Everyone except Maurice welcomes a vacationing Russian; Holling has nightmares; Ed falls in love.
20 May 1991
Slow Dance
Rick's death by falling satellite further enhances Maggie's reputation; Maurice meets prospective hoteliers.
23 Sep. 1991
The Bumpy Road to Love
When a statue is risen in Rick's memory, Maggie learns of his infidelity through a stranger's eulogy. Meanwhile, Adam returns and makes Joel go with him to treat his hypochondriac wife.
30 Sep. 1991
Only You
Chris begins attracting all the women in town, almost. Joel tries to study the phenomenon. Maggie has an eye exam and finds out she's far-sighted. Maurice and Holling have a dispute over a picture.
7 Oct. 1991
Oy, Wilderness
Joel and Maggie are forced to make an emergency landing and become stranded. They end up surprising each other. Shelley has a visit from her best friend from home, Cindy. When Cindy asks for a divorce, Shelley gets mad.
14 Oct. 1991
Animals R Us
Maggie is approached by a dog whom she believes to be Rick reincarnate while Maurice tries to make a business scheme out of Marilyn's ostrich farm.
28 Oct. 1991
Jules et Joel
Shortly after hitting his head, Joel is visited by his identical twin brother, Jules, and changes places with him for a day. Meanwhile, Chris is contacted by a bomber who wants to turn himself in.
4 Nov. 1991
The Body in Question
While fishing, Chris finds the body of a man frozen in ice. Maurice looks upon this as a business opportunity as a battle begins over the body. Ed takes a job at Ruth Anne's store. Joel explores his Jewish faith.
11 Nov. 1991
Chris's brother/'karmic' doppleganger comes to town. Joel's ex-fiancé Elaine shows up looking for comfort. Adam shows up asking for money and takes a job at the Brick.
18 Nov. 1991
A-Hunting We Will Go
Chris and Holling head out on their annual hunting trip when Joel asks to go along. Ruth Anne has a birthday, but wants to avoid a fuss. Shelly organizes a party for her.
9 Dec. 1991
Get Real
After their bus breaks down, a circus visits Cicely. Marilyn gets a proposal. Holling and Shelley have a fight.
16 Dec. 1991
Seoul Mates
It's Christmas in Cicely and Maurice is approached by a Korean man who turns out to be his son.

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