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2 Jan. 2008
Called Home
Former New York detective Cyrus Lupo returns after his brother's suicide. The investigation reveals a relationship between two assisted suicides, a notorious assisted suicide doctor, his daughter, and an investigative journalist.
2 Jan. 2008
A mother and daughter are kidnapped during a blackout, and the blackout impedes Green and Lupo's investigation. Once the kidnappers are located, A.D.A. Cutter discovers that they had prior knowledge that the blackout was going to happen.
9 Jan. 2008
A pipe bomb injures a pregnant security guard, and when Lupo crosses a line gathering evidence it may harm the DA's case.
16 Jan. 2008
A murder over a missing pair of dry-cleaned pants leads the DA's office to a public health scandal involving a giant discount department store chain.
23 Jan. 2008
The DA's office faces the difficult task of ensuring equal justice for an African American father and a white mother for their roles in the shooting deaths of two people during a racially-motivated confrontation.
30 Jan. 2008
Political Animal
A fugitive con artist working as a political fund-raiser is charged in a triple homicide. In order to cast reasonable doubt during the trial, he points the finger at several prominent politicians he supported.
6 Feb. 2008
Quit Claim
A.D.A. Cutter matches wits with a slippery, manipulative con artist who is the lone surviving suspect connected to a real estate scam involving organized crime.
13 Feb. 2008
An auxiliary police officer is accused of shooting and killing a protester at an immigration rally. McCoy is accused of having a liberal ax to grind when he vigorously pursues charges against the officer.
20 Feb. 2008
An innocent doctor is murdered in a case of mistaken identity. The intended target performed a botched lethal injection in South Carolina.
27 Feb. 2008
Cutter prosecutes a junkie and her pimp boyfriend for the brutal rape and murder of a young woman. But is he exploiting ADA Rubirosa's attractiveness to gain favor with a juror and improve their chances at a conviction?
5 Mar. 2008
A wife is accused of shooting her therapist husband over an inappropriate relationship with a teenage client. She acts as her own counsel and claims she was also one of his teenage victims
12 Mar. 2008
The discovery of a dogfighting ring leads to an investigation of the disappearance of one of the participants' wives. A television reporter's testimony helps charge the husband, but did she conspire to frame him?
19 Mar. 2008
A fanatical Christian teenager is implicated in the stoning death of his mother because of her adultery. Did the boy's pastor incite him to take action, and is he criminally responsible?
23 Apr. 2008
Burn Card
When Detective Green shoots a murder suspect, an internal investigation reveals that he had a gambling problem and once owed money to the suspect. The DA's office reluctantly pursues murder charges against him.
30 Apr. 2008
Lupo and his new partner, Kevin Bernard, discover that a woman's suicide may actually be a murder. The case appears to be tied to a secretive religious group that some people consider a cult, but is the group to blame?
7 May 2008
A legal aid strike forces A.D.A. Rubirosa to go head-to-head with Cutter in a murder trial, when she is appointed as the defendant's counsel.
14 May 2008
Personae Non Grata
A murder investigation leads Lupo and Bernard to Plattsburgh, where a con artist is posing as her runaway daughter on a social networking website to lure men out of their money.
21 May 2008
While preparing a murder case, the DA's office stumbles on a potential scandal involving a prostitution business and the governor of New York, and it could have serious implications on Jack McCoy's future as District Attorney.
5 Nov. 2008
Jack McCoy uses a post-9/11 terrorism statute to prosecute a group of street fighters involved in a deadly retaliatory brawl--a move that A.D.A. Cutter strongly disagrees with.
12 Nov. 2008
A intellectually disabled man who witnessed a murder holds the key to revealing the victim's shocking family secret, as well as shocking information about the identity of the killer.
19 Nov. 2008
Lost Boys
An investigation into the death of a 17-year-old boy leads Lupo and Bernard into the world of a fundamentalist Mormon sect, its polygamist leader, and one of his wives who is trying to get away from him.
26 Nov. 2008
A fatality in a crane accident leads prosecutors to a case involving the victim's wife, who is discovered to be in a coma, and a controversial procedure that could intentionally stunt a handicapped young girl's growth.
3 Dec. 2008
Knock Off
The investigation into the murder of an upstate New York man in Chinatown appears to be cut and dry, until detectives discover a possible cover-up in the case that leads all the way to the governor's office.
10 Dec. 2008
While investigating the death of a former male prostitute whose memoirs have become a best-seller, Lupo and Bernard discover that the writer was a fraud and that his memoirs were based on another person's life.
17 Dec. 2008
A law clerk enamored with A.D.A. Cutter may have an undue influence over the judge she works for in one of Cutter's trials, but could there be another reason for her actions?

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