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Season 19

5 Nov. 2008
Jack McCoy uses a post-9/11 terrorism statute to prosecute a group of street fighters involved in a deadly retaliatory brawl--a move that A.D.A. Cutter strongly disagrees with.
12 Nov. 2008
A intellectually disabled man who witnessed a murder holds the key to revealing the victim's shocking family secret, as well as shocking information about the identity of the killer.
19 Nov. 2008
Lost Boys
An investigation into the death of a 17-year-old boy leads Lupo and Bernard into the world of a fundamentalist Mormon sect, its polygamist leader, and one of his wives who is trying to get away from him.
26 Nov. 2008
A fatality in a crane accident leads prosecutors to a case involving the victim's wife, who is discovered to be in a coma, and a controversial procedure that could intentionally stunt a handicapped young girl's growth.
3 Dec. 2008
Knock Off
The investigation into the murder of an upstate New York man in Chinatown appears to be cut and dry, until detectives discover a possible cover-up in the case that leads all the way to the governor's office.
10 Dec. 2008
While investigating the death of a former male prostitute whose memoirs have become a best-seller, Lupo and Bernard discover that the writer was a fraud and that his memoirs were based on another person's life.
17 Dec. 2008
A law clerk enamored with A.D.A. Cutter may have an undue influence over the judge she works for in one of Cutter's trials, but could there be another reason for her actions?
7 Jan. 2009
While investigating the deaths of two married divorce lawyers, Lupo and Bernard uncover a connection to couple running a Haitian child slavery ring.
14 Jan. 2009
By Perjury
Cutter finds himself pitted against a lawyer whose manipulation of the legal system keeps letting him get away with murder, and Lupo's mistake risks the current case and Cutter's life.
21 Jan. 2009
The prime suspect in the murders of the son and housekeeper of married university researchers is a journalist who appears to be obsessed with girls from a particular sorority.
28 Jan. 2009
Lucky Stiff
A con artist is convicted in the death of one of his "business partners." But when he and his wife are killed after his conviction, a new motive--and new suspects--emerge in the original crime.
4 Feb. 2009
The DA's office tries to prove that a businessman who believes that he is the illegitimate son of President Kennedy was the mastermind of a plot that ended with three dead bodies.
11 Feb. 2009
Detectives have two viable suspects in the firebombing of an Army recruiting center that killed an infant inside the building, but an overzealous vigilante crime-fighting group interferes with the investigation
18 Feb. 2009
The owner of a Rapture website is killed by a man working to return Soviet Jews to Israel to fulfill Biblical prophecy. However, the killer seeks shelter at the Iranian embassy, leaving the DA's office in an unenviable position.
11 Mar. 2009
The manager of a failing youth recreation center faces trial in the kidnapping and death of a young woman. However, he blames his troubles on a disgraced Wall Street CEO--the victim's lover--who failed to provide an important donation.
18 Mar. 2009
The investigation into the murder of a journalist could shed new light on an espionage case involving a man serving life in prison for spying for the Chinese government.
25 Mar. 2009
Anchors Away
A murdered television news reporter was investigating allegations that a billionaire Wall Street investment adviser was a fraud, but figuring out who killed her proves to be difficult
29 Apr. 2009
Promote This!
The prosecution of a group of teenagers for the brutal beating of an illegal Honduran immigrant proves to be a thorny and delicate issue for the District Attorney's office.
6 May 2009
All New
A firefighter and his wife are brutally killed. The DA's office faces the politically unpopular decision to prosecute another firefighter, who may have resorted to extreme measures to cover up his crime.
13 May 2009
As Cutter and Rubirosa prosecute a mentally disturbed woman for the deaths of two British researchers, they begin to suspect that the defendant's brother may have orchestrated the entire episode for personal gain.
20 May 2009
Skate or Die
The murders of three homeless men lead detectives to a possible serial killer.
3 Jun. 2009
The Drowned and the Saved
A murder investigation uncovers connections to the governor's wife, and perhaps a scandal involving the governor and an appointment for an open US Senate seat. But can Jack McCoy successfully prosecute and not risk his chances at being elected?

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