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2 Jun. 1993
Oral Sex, Lies and Videotape
Martin accidentally videotapes a famous TV child entertainer receiving oral sex in an alley. He means not to make a big deal out of it but then he ends up being accused in one big fat trial with nationwide coverage.
9 Jun. 1993
The French Conception
Martin's old girlfriend Julie comes to him looking for payment for an abortion. Martin is trying to sell his old apartment, now that he's living with Julie's mom.
16 Jun. 1993
Depth Be Not Proud
Eddie gets fired, Martin is not happy with his job and the two pals think of starting a new magazine together.
23 Jun. 1993
Pop Secret
Martin's dad and Roger are roommates and they seem to be good pals but then it occurs to Martin they might be gay.
30 Jun. 1993
Reach Out and Touch Yourself
When Martin finds some old savings bonds he decides to reinvest the money. Toby convinces him to start her phone stock tips business but it does poorly. She gets inspiration to change it to a phone sex line, of which Martin disapproves.
7 Jul. 1993
Home Sweet Homeboy
Eddie tries to get in touch with his black roots after an incident on his talk show. Martin tries to support him but finds it a little annoying.
14 Jul. 1993
A Midsummer Night's Dream On
Martin, Eddie and Judith spend a weekend at a cabin with their old college friends. Passions spark and secrets are revealed. Martin fusses over a 20 year old misdeed.
21 Jul. 1993
The Book, the Thief, Her Boss and His Lover
The widow of a recently deceased author means to make a book of his love letters to her, only she doesn't want his name on it. Tobby agrees to pose as the writer, Gibby agrees to publish the book and Martin agrees to be her lover.
28 Jul. 1993
Super Freak
Martin falls for his sexy superintendent during a New York heat wave. When the passion fizzles he tries to dump her, with disastrous results to his utilities.
4 Aug. 1993
One Ball, Two Strikes
Martin meets a beautiful woman and has sex with her, only to realize afterwards that she's Gibby's girlfriend. He means to stay away from her but she keeps coming back for more.
11 Aug. 1993
Portrait by the Artist on the Young Man
Jeremy shows up with a tattoo on his arm. Martin disapproves angrily while Judith displays a more rational response. The two men fight and eventually Judith gives in to the suggestion of having it removed.
18 Aug. 1993
And Bobby Makes Three
While helping Judith attend a Lamaze class, Martin sees an old girlfriend and starts up a new relationship. Things seem to be going well until her baby's daddy shows up at the door.
18 Dec. 1993
Silent Night, Holy Cow Part I
It's near Christmas and Toby sees the Virgin Mary in the broken glass of Martin's door. Martin drives pregnant Judith to some event, in bad weather, and Jeremy has big plans for sex with his girlfriend.
18 Dec. 1993
Silent Night, Holy Cow Part II
While stuck in the snow, in the middle of nowhere, Judith's water breaks. Back home, Jeremy has a second chance to make his "first time" worth remember.

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