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Sean Kanan: Mike Barnes



  • [Cobras are leaving Daniel/Jessica stranded on ropes] 

    Daniel Larusso : Hey!

    Snake : Yes, sweetheart?

    Daniel Larusso : Pull us up, man!

    Mike Barnes : The stakes just went up. Give us the tree.

    Jessica Andrews : No, Daniel, don't!

    Daniel Larusso : [does anyway]  All right, but just be careful.

    Dennis : [laughing evilly]  What are you going to do with it?

    Snake : Replant it.

    [raises it and acts like he's gonna thrust it in the canyon] 

    Snake : Down there!

    Daniel Larusso : NO!

    Jessica Andrews : NO!

    Mike Barnes : [disgusted]  Enough talk. Give me the tree!

    [takes it] 

    Mike Barnes : Okay. Now you want it, right?

    Daniel Larusso : Yes!

    Jessica Andrews : Yes!

    Mike Barnes : And you don't want me to replant down there?

    Daniel Larusso : Yes.

    Jessica Andrews : Yes.

    Mike Barnes : Hey, Daniel.

    [breaks the trunk of the tree] 

    Mike Barnes : Make a wish.

    [goes off laughing very hard with Dennis and Snake] 

    Daniel Larusso : [looks at the injured tree, heartbroken] 

  • Snake : [entering shop]  What's that smell?

    Mike Barnes : I don't know.

    [sniffs air] 

    Mike Barnes : It smells like yellow streak.

    Daniel Larusso : Hey! Okay! This isn't funny anymore.

    Snake : [real cocky]  Oh, I know.

    Mike Barnes : Sign the application yet?

    Daniel Larusso : No.

    Snake : [calls across the room]  Hey Dennis! He didn't sign it yet.

    Dennis : [puts something down he was looking at and shakes his head back and forth making tsking sounds. Then he karate chops some shoji windows] 

  • Daniel Larusso : [practicing karate in garden when suddenly the gate busts open]  Hey, get out of here, man! I signed it, all right?

    Mike Barnes : What'd you call the cops for?

    Daniel Larusso : What'd you steal the trees for?

    Mike Barnes : No proof.

    Daniel Larusso : Oh, who left the application? The tooth fairy? Huh?

    Mike Barnes : [the two fight until Barnes has Daniel on the ground and steps on his throat]  There's nothing you've got that I can't counter. Your karate's a joke!

    Terry Silver : [entering the garden]  Let him up, punk!

    Mike Barnes : Who are you? His mother?

    Terry Silver : Maybe.

    [the two fight] 

    Terry Silver : Get up. GET UP!

    Terry Silver : [grabs the book he brought with him]  See this? You see it?

    [hits Barnes with the book, then grabs him by the hair] 

    Mike Barnes : [afraid he's going to fall, leans a hand on Silver for balance] 

    Terry Silver : Get your hand off. Get your hand off me!

    Mike Barnes : [shaking, lets go] 

    Terry Silver : I ever see you even on the same street as this kid, I won't be so charitable with your health. You understand?

    Mike Barnes : Yeah...

    Terry Silver : YOU UNDERSTAND?

    Mike Barnes : YES!

    Terry Silver : [lets him go]  Good!

    [kicks his butt] 

    Terry Silver : Now get the hell out of here!

    Mike Barnes : [zooms out of garden] 

    Terry Silver : [helping Daniel up]  Who was that guy?

    Daniel Larusso : That's the lunatic that wants my title. I was hoping you would have killed him.


    Terry Silver : No, no. That's not what karate's about. It's for defense.

    Daniel Larusso : Yeah, yeah, I know, you're right.

    [tries to hand Silver's book back to him] 

    Daniel Larusso : Here, here's your book.

    Terry Silver : No, I brought that for you.

    Daniel Larusso : [remembering]  Oh, yeah, right. Right, thanks!

    Terry Silver : Well, of course, there's only so much you can learn from a book.

    Daniel Larusso : Yeah, you're telling me.

    Terry Silver : Come on, stand up. Let me show you a couple of moves to help you deal with punks like that.

  • Terry Silver : There you are. Where'd you go?

    Daniel Larusso : I, uh, I had to go think about some things, and um...

    Terry Silver : And?

    Daniel Larusso : And, uh... listen, I decided not to defend my title. Look. I... I really appreciate everything you've done for me. I mean, you've been great, I just... you know, when I hit that guy, that... that's just not me, you know? I just... I just wanted to come here and tell you in person, 'cause I figure after everything, I owe you at least that.

    Terry Silver : You owe me a lot more than that, Danny-boy.

    Daniel Larusso : Oh, I... I'm sorry, I thought the lessons were for free, but I...

    Terry Silver : [interrupting]  No, no, no, nothing's for free. You ARE gonna defend. You're getting in that ring!

    Daniel Larusso : Excuse me, Mr. Silver, you can't make me do something I don't want to do.

    Terry Silver : [laughs]  Danny, Danny, Danny. From the moment you met me, I've been making you do things you didn't want to do.

    Daniel Larusso : [confused]  What are you talking about?

    Terry Silver : What am I talking about?

    Daniel Larusso : Yeah, what?

    Terry Silver : [calling towards office]  Let's show him what I'm talking about!

    Mike Barnes : [steps out]  I'm what he's talking about, shit head!

    Terry Silver : We have an agenda here, Daniel. It's really very simple.

    Daniel Larusso : You guys are nuts, man!

    Terry Silver : [continuing]  Either you fight one fight on one day, or you fight every day for the rest of your life.

    [even more hyped up] 

    Terry Silver : What's it going to be, Danny-boy?

    Daniel Larusso : What's it going to be? I'm not gonna be there, so just forget about it, all right?

    [attempts to leave the dojo, but is blocked by Kreese, who scares him by popping out from behind a cardboard cutout and forces Daniel back towards Silver and Barnes] 

    Terry Silver : Let's show Mr. Kreese how he's going to get his business back!

    Daniel Larusso : Hey, I'm not gonna fight. You can't make me fight!

    Terry Silver : You don't have to. You can just stand there and let him kick your ass!

    [Daniel attempts to lunge at Barnes, but is blocked by him] 

    Terry Silver : [mockingly]  Use the crane, Danny-boy!

    Mike Barnes : [attacks Daniel]  You're doing this to yourself, man.

  • [in Semi-Final fight, winning 2-0] 

    Mike Barnes : [seeing Daniel]  You're next, LaRusso! I own you.

    [finishes his opponent off] 

  • [the Cobras are pulling Daniel/Jessica but stop about 95% of the way up so they can get the application] 

    Daniel Larusso : Hey! Pull us up!

    Snake : First give us the application.

    Daniel Larusso : No! I'll give it to you when we get up there.

    Mike Barnes : [lets Jessica fall for 1/2 second. She's fallen 5 feet] 

    Daniel Larusso : All right! All right!

    [gives it to Snake] 

    Daniel Larusso : Here.

    Mike Barnes : Check it out.

    Snake : [does]  It's cool.

    Mike Barnes : [points at Daniel lecturing]  Don't even think about backing out, man, because then I'll really be pissed. And this, well, this will all seem like a happy memory compared to what I do to you... and what we'll do to her.

  • Mike Barnes : Sir, you said if I come down here and beat this LaRusso kid, I can have 25 percent ownership in your new dojos? Well, to perform my best, which I fully intend to do, I'm gonna need 50 percent.

    Terry Silver : Whoa... I'm afraid I can't give you any more than 35!

    Mike Barnes : I guess I'll be on my way, then... nice meeting everybody.

    [turns to leave] 

    Terry Silver : Hey...

    [Mike turns around] 

    Terry Silver : ... you fight as hard as you negotiate?

    Mike Barnes : Harder.

    Terry Silver : All right, you got it. 50 percent.

    Mike Barnes : And I can get that in writing?

    Terry Silver : By noon today.

    Mike Barnes : Mr. Silver, you just bought yourself a champion.

  • Mike Barnes : Come on, get up! Get on that line! Get on that line, LaRusso! You're worthless! Your slope teacher's nothing! Get up, man! You're no champion! Get up! You suck, LaRusso! You suck, man! And your teacher's karate is shit! You hear me? It's shit!

    [Daniel looks over at Silver and Kreese] 

    Mike Barnes : You're a joke, LaRusso! Your karate's a joke and your teacher isn't worth shit! He's nothing! He's nothing! And you're nothing! I own you! I own you, LaRusso! Where's your little Jap teacher now, huh? He's a phony, man! He's a fake!

    [Daniel looks over at Mr. Miyagi] 

    Mike Barnes : And he didn't teach you nothing! Your karate's shit! You hear me? Get up!

  • Mike Barnes : [Jessica has just called him a slimeball for his improper advances]  ... Oh, that's cute. Did your mother teach you that one?

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