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16 Apr. 1983
The Pencil
Philip Marlow, a one time cop and with an unfortunate habit of being too honest and too broke for his own good, takes the job of protecting a former mob accountant on the run. When two hit men arrive in town he has to do some fancy dancing to keep his client safe and breathing. With the help of Anne Riordan he makes a deal with the mob, but nothing ever goes according to plan, or does it?
23 Apr. 1983
The King in Yellow
King Leopardi was a big celebrity and an even bigger ladykiller, but when he winds up dead in a singer's boudoir all the evidence points to her. Marlowe is hired to find the real killers before his client is thrown in the slammer. The trail becomes dangerous as more bodies drop the closer he gets to the truth. Can he solve the mystery before the next one is his?
30 Apr. 1983
Finger Man
Marlowe is subpoenaed to testify before a grand jury investigating the mob murder of a district attorney he was hired to bodyguard. Throw in a femme fatale and Marlowe has his hands full trying to shake himself loose from the murder rap of a former client killed with his gun. The pressure is on and the fix is in as the mob tries to force him to change his testimony.
7 May 1983
Nevada Gas
Mops Parisi is out of the joint and out for revenge. First on the list is his crooked lawyer, Hugo Candless, then the ex-cop who arrested him, one Philip Marlowe. It comes as a surprise when a familiar face is involved, and Marlowe has to think fast and move even faster to stay ahead of the Nevada hit squad or his next ride will be his last.
18 May 1983
Smart Aleck Kill
Marlowe finds himself in grave danger when he discovers that a popular young Hollywood actor he was hired to protect has been murder and the movie studio that the guy worked for wants to cover it up.

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