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Katie Lowes/Vanessa Hudgens/Omari Hardwick

Actress Vaness Hudgens (Bad Boys for Life (2020)); actor Omari Hardwick (Power (2014)); guest co-hostess Katie Lowes;


5 Jan. 2016
Ryan Seacrest/Jennifer Jason Leigh/New Year, New You
Ryan Seacrest (American Idol (2002)); Jennifer Jason Leigh (The Hateful Eight (2015)). Also: Kelly and Michael read viewers' New Year's resolutions, as they begin "New Year, New You".
6 Jan. 2016
Felicity Huffman/Damian Lewis/James Oseland
Felicity Huffman (American Crime (2015)); Damian Lewis (Billions (2016)). Also: "New Year, New You" continues with organic dos and don'ts from food journalist James Oseland.
7 Jan. 2016
Emmy Rossum/Shaun T
Emmy Rossum (Shameless (2011)); and "New Year, New You" continues with Shaun T..
8 Jan. 2016
Tyler Perry/Dr. Ian Smith
Tyler Perry; and "New Year, New You" continues with Dr. Ian Smith, who talks about the Shred Power Cleanse.
13 Jan. 2016
Ice Cube/Brie Larson
Ice Cube (Ride Along 2 (2016)); Brie Larson (Room (2015)). Also: "New Year, New You" continues as Kelly and Michael learn CPR.
15 Jan. 2016
Khloe Kardashian
Khloé Kardashian ("Kocktails with Khloe" (2016)); and animals from the San Diego Zoo visit the studio.
18 Jan. 2016
Patricia Arquette/Megan Boone/CeeLo Green/Lance Ulanoff
Patricia Arquette (CSI: Cyber (2015)); Megan Boone (The Blacklist (2013)); CeeLo Green performs. Also: Lance Ulanoff showcases life-changing apps as "New Year, New You" continues.
19 Jan. 2016
Vanessa Hudgens/R. City/Michelle Gielan
Vanessa Hudgens (Grease Live! (2016)); R. City perform. Also: "New Year, New You" continues with Michelle Gielan and advice for happiness.
21 Jan. 2016
Kelsey Grammer/Grace/Daymond John
Kelsey Grammer (Broadway's "Finding Neverland"); Grace performs. Also: Daymond John (Shark Tank (2009)) offers financial advice as "New Year, New You" continues.
22 Jan. 2016
Julianne Hough/Tasneem Bhatia
Julianne Hough (Dirty Grandpa (2016) and Grease Live! (2016)). Also: "New Year, New You" concludes with fitness trainer David Siik giving ideas for treadmill workouts.
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S28, Ep102
28 Jan. 2016
Josh Brolin/Lili Taylor
Josh Brolin ("Hail, Caesar" (2016)); Lili Taylor (American Crime (2015)). Also: Kelly and Michael try the "Sole Power" tap workout, as "New Year, New You" concludes.
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S28, Ep104
1 Feb. 2016
Cuba Gooding Jr.
Cuba Gooding Jr. (American Crime Story (2016)). Also: Kelly and Michael kickoff "LIVE's Big Game Week" to prepare for the Super Bowl, by trying to predict the game's winner with pigs.
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S28, Ep105
2 Feb. 2016
John Travolta/Kermit the Frog
John Travolta (American Crime Story (2016)); Kermit the Frog (The Muppets. (2015)). Also: Kelly shares her go-to football party artichoke dip, as "LIVE's Big Game Week" continues.
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S28, Ep106
3 Feb. 2016
Rebel Wilson/L.A. Reid
Rebel Wilson (How to Be Single (2016)); author L.A. Reid (book, "Sing to Me"). Also: Michael shares his favorite party snack, healthy grilled sweet potato fries, as "LIVE's Big Game Week" continues.
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S28, Ep107
4 Feb. 2016
Dakota Johnson/Malin Akerman
Dakota Johnson (How to Be Single (2016)); Malin Akerman (Billions (2016)). Also: executive producer Michael Gelman makes guacamole for "LIVE's Big Game Week".
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S28, Ep113
12 Feb. 2016
Episode #28.113
A celebration of Kelly's 15th anniversary as co-host.
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S28, Ep116
17 Feb. 2016
Anthony Anderson/Derek Hough/Lance Ulanoff
Anthony Anderson (Black-ish (2014)); Derek Hough. Also: Lance Ulanoff highlights tech gadgets from the year's "International Consumer Electronics Show".
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S28, Ep119
22 Feb. 2016
Angela Bassett/Rachael Harris
Angela Bassett (London Has Fallen (2016)); Rachael Harris (Lucifer (2015)). Also: Kelly and Michael kick off "LIVE's Oscar Countdown".
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S28, Ep120
23 Feb. 2016
Chelsea Handler/Denny Hamlin
Chelsea Handler (Chelsea Does (2016)); Denny Hamlin, the winner of the Daytona 500; The Biggest Loser (2004) winner. Also: "LIVE's Oscar Countdown" continues.
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S28, Ep122
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S28, Ep123
26 Feb. 2016
LIVE's Pre-Oscar Celebration
Forest Whitaker (Broadway's "Hughie"). Also: the hosts prepare for their "After Oscar Show" with "LIVE's Pre-Oscar Celebration", featuring celebrities' favorite Oscar memories and the hosts preparing Oscar party cocktails.
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S28, Ep124
29 Feb. 2016
LIVE's After-Oscar Show
At the Dolby Theatre at Hollywood and Highland Center, the morning after the Academy Awards ceremony.
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S28, Ep130
8 Mar. 2016
Will Arnett/Maria Menounos
Will Arnett (Flaked (2016)); author Maria Menounos (book, "The Every Girl's Guide to Cooking").