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Jake Gyllenhaal Replaces Dominic Cooper In 'Motor City'

Jake Gyllenhaal Replaces Dominic Cooper In 'Motor City'
Well, the writing was on the wall a few weeks ago when Dominic Cooper replaced Clive Owen in the ensemble drama "Cities," but it seems it'll just a bit of musical chairs as Cooper himself has now been replaced in "Motor City."

Jake Gyllenhaal will now take the lead of the upcoming thriller, one that promises to offer up something a bit different. Penned by Chad St. John, the hotly buzzed 2009 Black List script follows a small-time crook who is framed and sent to jail, and then goes after the guys that put him there. You've seen this before right? Well, the pull here is that Gyllenhaal's character only has one line of dialogue in the whole thing. And with Amber Heard as the gal, Gary Oldman as the villain and Albert Hughes directing, we have to say we're pretty damn curious. B-movie pulp? Maybe, but that cast is hard to ignore.
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The film that changed my life: Beeban Kidron

Miracle in Milan by Vittorio De Sica (1951)

Vittorio De Sica famously made Bicycle Thieves, that's the film of his everybody knows. But Miracle in Milan – also Italian-language, also black and white – is the one that had the more profound effect on me.

I first saw the film on my father's 50th birthday, when I was in my late teens. He had decided that the way he wanted to celebrate his day was to show me and my siblings, plus about 30 of our friends, Miracle in Milan. This was before the days of DVD and downloads, and so we had to hire a little screening room and projectionist, and we had to rent the film – it was quite an arrangement, but this was the thing he wanted to do. Before the lights went out, he turned to us and said something like: "I want to hand you, the next generation, the baton of concern and hope.
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