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On a recent Comedy Central airing in 2006, the entire opening scene with Frank Drebin and the hostile foreign leaders was cut, instead going straight to the opening credits. This is probably due to sensitivity regarding the conflict overseas.
The USA TV version is extended in several places:
The scene with Nordberg's wife at the hospital is expanded to include to more dialogue and a different ending: as the group leaves the room Frank flips a couple switches on the wall, which he thinks are for the lights, not knowing that he has shut down Nordberg's life support system. As they walk down the hall after leaving the room, hospital staff rush by headed for Nordberg's room. Without looking where they are headed Frank comforts Wilma by saying, "just be glad you're not that guy's wife".
Drebin's "interview" with the dock worker is extended. The "would this help" (and giving $20) joke/interplay goes on much longer and it becomes evident that Drebin is familar with the worker's family.
As in the theatrical version, when Drebin returns to the hospital to check on Nordberg and sees that the guard is gone, he tells a nurse to call the police. Here we get to see the nurse calling the police and trying to use the police emergency codes.
Drebin's walking monologue (ending with "And where the Hell was I?") has many new scenes, such as Drebin going into a public shower, and extra dialogue to fill the time.
Drebin's break-in at Ludwig's apartment contains new scenes including trouble with a bear-skin rug and difficulty opening the window.
When the mayor chastises Drebin for breaking into Ludwig's apartment, there are different camera angles.
A new scene of Ludwig back at his trashed apartment (after the fire) vowing revenge.
The fight at the hot dog factory has a longer fist fight scene.
At the Queen's banquet, there are several changes including: discussions of Al and the hat he's wearing, new dialogue and cake footage, new speech introductions.
In the theatrical version, after Frank is fired we see him back at Police Squad cleaning out his desk. In this version, we also see Al crying (lots of water), new dialogue, Drebin trashing his desk which turns out to really be Al's.
The baseball game has a few modifications: originally we saw the Queen passing food from a vender, now we see her also passing the money to pay for it; during the montage of baseball's funniest moments, there is a new shot of a family having a picnic in the outfield; and during a conference on the pitcher's mound, they discuss financial matters and not baseball.
The final confrontation with Ludwig in the upper decks is also extended. First, Ludwig shoots at a bunch of cops. Then Drebin arrives. Ludwig shoots him but the catcher's chest protector that he's still wearing stops the bullet. The chest protector then deflates like a balloon. At this point it rejoins the theatrical version where we can see that Drebin's chest protector is shrunken. Originally, there was no explanation for this.
Cut from the film after a test screening was a scene at the Dugout Dogs factory. Frank and Ludwig's henchman begin vomiting into the hot dog vat.
When aired on Comedy Central, Frank's line "Nice beaver" was changed to "Nice one", ruining the joke.
When originally shown on BBC Television in England, the scene where Drebin inches along the ledge outside the apartment block (and grabs the woman's breasts for support) was edited to remove the shot where he appears to be attempting fellatio on the statue, the shot where he bends the statue's penis upwards and the shot where he waves the 'concrete dildo' around.

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