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Good Capture of world attitude
zt422 October 2005
While some of the details may not be exactly historical (Noting the goofs page), That really was not important enough to hurt this movie.

Tony Danza is a standout blending fine expressions and real life reactions to events as they unfold.

To keep this movie in perspective, I felt it captured the attitude and drama of what unfolded in those early dark days of 1961. The struggle of a people, of a nation wanting to remain free. The courage of a (already free) people risking their lives to help their East German family, friends and loved ones.

This Movie contained a Political impact as well as a personal one.

It should be used as a teaching tool.

Finally, the ending showed that even many years later, the love of people remained strong as did the Wall itself.
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A modest TV movie that could have been better
taggerez3 February 2009
Although Tony Danza's name is likely to scare away serious movie fans, this made-for-TV film isn't as bad as one might suspect.

The story of the American GI in love with the German girl in East Berlin in the bad old Cold War days of 1961 is recycled but this version offers some interesting and unique escape scenarios that I imagine were available at the time. Several scenes of East Berliners risking their lives to make their getaway from the communists are quite well done. One in particular, which was based on an actual attempt caught on film, is excellent. It demonstrates not only the brutality with which the East Germans dealt with these people but also the sense of frustration U.S. soldiers must have felt at being armed to the teeth yet totally helpless in their ability to come to their aid.

When you pause to think of the significance of the Berlin Wall and all the dramatic stories that could be wrung from it, one has to wonder why Hollywood prefers to ignore it in favor of garbage like "The Beverly Hillbillies."
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Nice little film
dieternowakfrance20 May 2013
This is not really a review of this nice little film. I was an extra on this film which was filmed in Bradford, in an area of the city named Little Germany. This part of the city was built by German wool merchants who traded in the city in the late 1800's. It was really great to work on this film as I got to meet the great Sid Ceasar. We were all ex-soldiers who were employed as East German VOPO's and we were allowed Equity exemptions because all the AK 47 weapons were live. There is also one blooper that has been missed, on one scene at the border crossing a Metro green and white double decker bus can be seen in the background going up Church Bank.
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Bad Acting, Bad Dialogue, Bad Casting, above all: One Sided
Hector Marroquin6 January 2006
After viewing this horribly made for TV political romance drama, I can easily see that the point of making this movie was not to make a decent film, but a propaganda film. Casting Tony Danza was the first example of this ridiculous film, but also the constant overacting by Colette Stevenson, Neil Dickson, and Geraldine James; along with the repeated lines "And So It Goes" and "Who Are You?". The goal of the film was merely to demonize the East Germans and Communists as a whole, while of course depicting the West as angelic. None of the "actors" were German, but British and Americans who couldn't even slightly act German. Tony Danza plays a narrow-minded U.S soldier who sees nothing wrong with America (Hello, it was 1961). The East Germans are depicted as heartless beasts and complete idiots as well. David Robb portrays the moronic East German officer who is always easily out witted. Avoid this movie at all costs. It has by far the worst acting I've ever seen. In one word: ABFALL (garbage in German)....And So It Goes!
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