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3 Nov. 2010
The Captains of the Final Frontier
An in-depth look at all of the Star Trek Captains and the real people behind them.
13 Feb. 2010
Fallen Beauty Queens
Beauty queens have been strutting the runways for pageant glory for over a hundred years and the winners have come to represent the ideal woman. An ideal that is hard to live up to. In today's 24/7 news cycle, society enjoys knocking beauty queens off of the pedestal as much as putting them on one. Every time a beauty queen falls to scandal or disgrace the news is magnified and our queens must run the tabloid gauntlet. Stories in this special cover beauty queen scandals involving drugs, alcohol, kidnapping, assault and porn. Fallen Beauty Queens chronicles these ...
The Spice Girls
Born out of a concept--a counterpoint to the 1990s "boy bands"--and a single trade industry ad, the five "Spice Girls" rocketed to the top of the pop music world. The only British group to taste "Beatles" level commercial success, The Spice Girls produced two world-wide top-selling albums and performed at sold out venues everywhere.

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