Down by Law (1986) Poster


Rockets Redglare: Gig


  • Gig : Hi Jack! Where ya at?

    [sees Bobbie on the bed] 

    Gig : Hi babe. She nice!

  • Gig : You too serious! You gotta let the past be de past, Jack. I come here tonight to settle us up.

    Jack : Yeah, how you gonna be doin' that, fathead?

    Gig : By doin' you a favor, a really big favor. I'm serious as cancer!

    Jack : Now, whatever this is, I know it's bullshit.

  • Gig : Just hear me out, see my little gift, and then if you're not interested, let me know.

    Jack : What's the gift?

    Gig : Oh, man, you gonna die! I have got a piece of chicken you ain't even gonna believe is from this planet!

    Jack : No, that I might believe.

    Gig : Oh, Jack! Be serious, man! This girl is nineteen, a beautiful white gurl. A Cajun goddess, man. A Cajun goddess! I got her up at the Belchase Hotel, right now. An she's waitin' there for ya, Jack. My gift to you - the most beautifulest gift that I could possibly give ya.

  • Gig : Hey, go over there. Check it out. If I'm crazy or lyin', you don't lose nothin'. As a matter of fact, I just wanted to give you first shot at her before she all used up; because, she is gorgeous, man!

  • Jack : Alright, I suppose you haven't even touched her, right? Alright, I'll go look at your marshland goddess; but, I'm tellin' you somethin', if you're foolin' with me, if you're wastin' my time with anything, I'm gonna fuck you up. I guarantee you.

    Gig : Jack, nobody's gonna regret anything, especially not you. In fact, you're gonna thank me for this. You gonna remember me for the rest of your life for this!

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