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5 Jan. 1988
Los Dos Dipestos
On Agnes' mother's return from a holiday in Mexico, stolen gems are planted on her to be smuggled back into America. The criminal wants his gems back and, with David and Maddie away, it is up to Agnes and Herbert to solve the situation.
19 Jan. 1988
Fetal Attraction
With Maddie's baby on the way, David is concerned about there being so much to learn. He unsuccessfully tries to enrol in a Lamaze class but an unwed mother comes to him and asks for his help, which he does.
2 Feb. 1988
Tracks of My Tears
Maddie returns home by train. She is still unsure about David and has dreams and nightmares about being married to him on the trip back. On the journey, she meets a systems analyst returning to Los Angeles and they become friends.
9 Feb. 1988
Eek! A Spouse!
The news of Maddie's marriage affects the office but not David, as he appears happy with the news. A woman asks Blue Moon to approach her husband's mistress with an offer of money to go away. She later kills him in self defence.
1 Mar. 1988
Maddie Hayes Got Married
David finally gets to meet Walter at the office and then offers to throw Maddie a big wedding, complete with a bachelor party. When David's Lamaze partner goes into labour during the wedding, it all comes to a head at the hospital.
15 Mar. 1988
Here's Living with You, Kid
Herbert has spent three weeks guarding a frost-proof grapefruit but all he can think of is Agnes. He asks her to move in together but initially she says no. Sitting at home, Herbert sees his life with Agnes in a series of old movies.
22 Mar. 1988
And the Flesh Was Made Word
Maddie and Walter finally get divorced. David and Maddie are asked by a businessman to find an mystery woman who has distracted his partner, which threatens to bankrupt his company. Maddie wants to restart the relationship with David.
6 Dec. 1988
A Womb with a View
In utero, Maddie's baby is given an introduction to his future life. He decides he is not happy with all the fighting between Maddie and David. Maddie has her baby shower during which she is suddenly rushed to hospital.
13 Dec. 1988
Between a Yuk and a Hard Place
After the loss of the baby, Maddie and David have been avoiding each other, until Agnes intervenes and fixes the situation. A woman asks the agency to find out about a mystery woman in her husband's past, and then she dies in an accident.
20 Dec. 1988
The Color of Maddie
A woman approaches Blue Moon to find out whether the man she is living with is really her husband. She had married him 10 years ago but he disappeared before suddenly reappearing a few months ago claiming to be her husband.

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