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Season 3

23 Sep. 1986
The Son Also Rises
David's father contacts David after a long time. The reason for the visit is that David Sr. is getting married and wants David Jr. to be the best man. When David Jr. sees the bride-to-be, he realises that he had a one night stand with her.
30 Sep. 1986
The Man Who Cried Wife
In an argument, a man kills his wife and buries her in a forest. However, when he starts getting phone calls from her the next day, he tries to dig up her body only to find that it is gone. He then decides to use Blue Moon to find her.
21 Oct. 1986
Symphony in Knocked Flat
Maddie and David have an argument about what a date should be all about. David decides to show her a good date by buying stolen tickets to a symphony concert from a scalper. They then find themselves involved in an assassination plot.
28 Oct. 1986
Yours, Very Deadly
A woman approaches Blue Moon for help. For over two years, she had been corresponding with an unknown admirer. The woman wants Maddie and David to find the admirer and ask him to stop. When they find him, they are in for a surprise.
11 Nov. 1986
All Creatures Great... and Not So Great
A Catholic priest is infatuated with a woman who comes to confession regularly. This week, the woman says she wants to commit suicide. She disappears before he can catch up with her so he asks Blue Moon Investigations to find her.
18 Nov. 1986
Big Man on Mulberry Street
David hears that his former brother-in-law has just died. Maddie is shocked that David was briefly married. She becomes very curious about his former wife and follows him to New York where she finds out some amazing information.
25 Nov. 1986
Atomic Shakespeare
A student starts to watch Moonlighting, then his mother appears and reminds he has to read Taming of the Shrew for school. As he starts to read, the characters from Moonlighting enact the play.
16 Dec. 1986
It's a Wonderful Job
It's Christmas and Blue Moon has to work. The staff are not happy. Maddie is also under pressure and says she regrets keeping the agency open. Her guardian angel approaches her and shows her how life would have been if she had done this.
6 Jan. 1987
The Straight Poop
Other shows have done it when you flash back and discuss the show. Now "Moonlighting" after too long with no new episode Rona Barrett, an 80's reporter goes in to get "The Straight Poop" apparently Maddie and David have been fighting and not speaking to one another. As she talks with Maddie, David, Miss Dipesto, and Mr. Viola they flash back to previous episodes to show examples of their statements and in the end they kiss and make up.
13 Jan. 1987
Poltergeist III - Dipesto Nothing
Agnes has been at Blue Moon for five years and is upset Herbert is already working on a case after only three months. To prove herself and without telling them, Agnes takes on a case that Maddie and David refuse to do.
3 Feb. 1987
Blonde on Blonde
When Maddie walks in on an office poker game run by David and does nothing about it, he realises that something is wrong. Maddie is feeling a bit low and wants to go out and pick up a man for a one night stand. David decides to follow her.
10 Feb. 1987
Sam & Dave
David attempts to be civil towards Maddie and Sam, but ends up becoming a drunken embarrassment.
3 Mar. 1987
Maddie's Turn to Cry
Maddie is still torn between Sam and David, and David is still jealous of the situation. They continue to investigate whether a woman's lover is betraying her by continuing to be with his wife, when his wife suddenly commits suicide.
31 Mar. 1987
I Am Curious... Maddie
The battle between Sam and David continues and became serious when Sam proposed to Maddie. She is non-committal with her answer but it forces David to think about how he feels about Maddie. Sam and David end up having a fight.
5 May 1987
To Heiress Human
It's the morning after they slept together but Maddie and David are in different moods. She wants to forget that it ever happened. A wealthy heiress hires Blue Moon to prove that her boyfriend loves her and isn't after her money.

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