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thirtysomething: 2 More Original Cast Members to Return for ABC Revival

thirtysomething: 2 More Original Cast Members to Return for ABC Revival
Two more familiar faces have joined ABC’s thirtysomething revival.

Melanie Mayron and Polly Draper have signed on to appear in the Alphabet network’s upcoming pilot, thirtysomething(else), as reported by our sister site Deadline. The series will be a sequel to the critically acclaimed drama created by Marshall Herskovitz and Ed Zwick that ran from 1987 to 1991.

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Mayron and Draper will appear in recurring arcs on the potential series,
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2020 Grammys: Full list of winners for the 62nd Grammy Awards

  • Gold Derby
Winners of the 62nd annual Grammys were revealed on January 26 in a two-part event. The majority of the 84 Grammy Awards were handed out at the non-televised Premiere Ceremony, which began at 12:30 p.m. Pt/3:30 p.m. Et at the Microsoft Theater in downtown Los Angeles.

The televised portion of the Grammys took place across the street at the Staples Center. It started on CBS at 5:00 p.m. Pt/8:00 p.m. Et. Winners in the top 10 categories were announced during a three-and-a-half hour concert that was hosted by Alicia Keys. Scroll down for the full and complete list of winners at the 62nd annual Grammy Awards.

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General Field

Album Of The Year

“I, I,” Bon Iver

“Norman Fucking Rockwell,” Lana Del Rey

X – “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?,” Billie Eilish

“Thank U,
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Sony Marks 40th Adaptation of ‘Shark Tank’ With France’s M6

  • Variety
The milestone 40th adaptation of Sony Pictures Television’s hit business reality show “Shark Tank” is kicking off on Tuesday in France on commercial network M6.

The French adaptation of the popular Japanese format is set to run across six episodes under the title “Qui Veut Etre Mon Associé?” which translates to “Who Wants To Be My Partner?”

Launched as “Money Tigers” on Nippon TV in 2001, the format sees aspiring entrepreneurs pitch to secure investment from leading names in the business world. So far, more than $250 million has been invested in small businesses across the globe, according to Spt.

The format has become a global success, including in Hungary where it aired for the first time last year on Rtl Klub; in Thailand, on Channel 7 Wandee Media; and in Switzerland on Ch Medien TV24. The format is being developed in further territories, notably in Bangladesh.

The format is distributed
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Link Tank: The Wildest Space Discoveries of 2019

Den of Geek Staff Jan 2, 2020

Mind-blowing space-related discoveries, the best fitness apps for 2020, Frozen 2's Kristoff, and more from today's Link Tank!

Check out the 20 most mind-blowing space-related discoveries last year.

"This year was a busy one for space science. Scientists solved the mystery of the universe’ weirdest molecule. Voyager 2 revealed unprecedented details about the cosmos beyond our Solar System. Black holes were caught on camera. And SpaceX, Nasa, and the Esa again made strides in aerospace development. We could go on, but we won’t: Inverse is counting down the top 20 wildest stories about space from 2019."

Read more at Inverse.

Is one of your New Year's Resolutions to get into shape? Check out the best fitness apps for 2020.

"Trying to lose weight, gain muscle, exercise more consistently, or push yourself to higher intensity workouts? Listen, everyone needs a little help when it comes to getting fit. Fitness apps give
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Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 9 Review: Shtf

A thousand expletives flew out of my mouth at the end of Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 9.

Most of them had to do with the fact we have to wait until Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 10 to find out what's going to happen next.

My head is spinning! Is yours?

There's so much to talk about, but first things first.

We're getting closer to finding out what happened to Colin, and I'm going to guess crazy Jed had something to do with whatever it was that happened.

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The fact that Jed is alive and Colin is nowhere around tells me that Colin is most certainly dead.

And it wouldn't be surprising to find out that Jed was the one who killed Colin. 

Jed could have killed Colin because he decided he wanted Janine for his own. Who shakes someone's hand as long as Jed did
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Second Hand: Frankie’s Revenge arrives on Steam

Indie developer Rikodu has announced the release of their fun packed robot action game Second Hand: Frankie’s Revenge on Steam Early Access. This robot fighting game will see players go solo or join up with friends in local or online multiplayer and build robots out of junk to take on hordes of alien robots.

In Second Hand: Frankie’s Revenge players take the role of the titular Frankie, a sentient machine that lives in a scrapyard filled with junk. When aliens invade it is up to Frankie to protect his junkyard.

Players will be able to build their own Frankie robot by selecting each parts such as body, head, legs, main weapon and offhand weapons to suit their playstyle. Using these different parts players can change Frankie’s health, energy, speed and weight to fulfill different squad roles like Tank and Support.


Challenging top-down combat where players must
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Ryan Garcia Says He'll Knock Gervonta Davis Out, If Davis Stops Messing Up

  • TMZ
Gervonta Davis just got called out -- personally and professionally -- by one of the biggest rising stars in sports (and Oscar De La Hoya's prized prospect) who says he'll easily Ko Tank ... If Tank can stay out of trouble to even make the fight. The kid talking the trash is Ryan Garcia ... a 16-0 lightweight contender who is signed to Oscar's Golden Boy Promotions banner, and who's the talk of the boxing world.
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The Superhero Paradox

© Marvel 2016

By Marc Butterfield

We live in what I consider to be the golden age of the “superhero movie”. Picking nits, I will say that just because a character is taken from the pages of a comic book, it doesn’t mean that they were a super hero.

Watchmen” had only one true super in the group, and the rest, even in the book the Watchmen were aware that they were costumed adventurers and vigilantes, but none of them were “super”. And so, many of the characters in these movies are not super, but they hang with that clique. Black Widow and Hawkeye take a lot of grief in the Avengers movies because they are not super.

When asked by the Flash in the Justice League movie “what exactly is your super power?”, Batman says “I’m rich”. (clip) Note: my inner fanboy found that a little funny, but mostly
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Tank is a Radical 80s Inspired Vector Arcade Game Short Film That You've Gotta Watch!

I've got a totally awesome animated short film for you to watch today called Tank. The film was created by Red Giant’s Chief Creative Officer, Stu Maschwitz. As you'll see it was created in the style of those old-school vector arcade games from the 80’s like Battlezone and Star Wars.

It's just not the cool unique visuals as well, this thing also has a story, which follows a team of pilots that must take on a weapon of mass destruction in a battle to save their world.

I loved this! I thought this was just the coolest thing! it also has a great 80s-style synth musical score that was created by Ben Worley. As for how Stu created the film, he explains:

Putting aside current 3D modeling techniques, Stu looked to the past and built the world of Tank entirely in Adobe After Effects, using math, code, and hundreds
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Watch: 80's Arcade Throwback Short Film 'Tank' from Stu Maschwitz

Ready player one? Insert coin to play. This two-minute short film Tank is an exciting, nerdy throwback to 80's arcade games and it's a must watch for geeks everywhere. Tank is made by Red Giant's Chief Creative Officer, Stu Maschwitz (@5tu), who wanted to make something to pay homage to vector arcade games of the 80's - specifically Battlezone and Star Wars, though this definitely has a Tron vibe. This also features a totally rad electro score created by Ben Worley. This isn't just all about the visuals - there's a cool story to follow as well. Tank is a fun, homemade short film that is super geeky and yet isn't worthless entertainment. This is why I love short films - they're always so creatively unique and have something to say. Watch below. Original description from YouTube: "Introducing Tank, a new short film from Red Giant's Chief Creative Officer,
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EA Sports Ufc 3 Review

Right off the bat, EA Sports Ufc 3 screams one thing from the rooftops: Conor McGregor, the brash Irishman who has become an irresistible media force, is this year’s cover star. His lantern jaw and clipped beard are everywhere you look, right down to an introductory training fight against interim lightweight champ Tony Ferguson; a training demo of sorts that serves as a chance to get to know the new controls (more on them later) at the expense of Ferguson’s skull. Quite what Ferguson is going to make of being pummeled by millions of Ufc players the world-over – all at the hands of an eerily lifelike approximation of one of his biggest rivals no less – is up for debate. But it’s clear who the Ufc would favor if that match up ever did come to pass.

McGregor’s ascent has been nothing short of joyous, and he’s
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Focus Features Releases First Trailer For 7 Days In Entebbe

Credit : Liam Daniel / Focus Features

Daniel Brühl stars as “Wilfred Brose” and Rosamond Pike stars as “Brigitte Kuhlman” in this first trailer for José Padilha’s 7 Days In Entebbe.

Focus Features will release the film in select theaters on March 16, 2018.

A gripping thriller inspired by the true events of the 1976 hijacking of an Air France flight en route from Tel Aviv to Paris, the film depicts the most daring rescue mission ever attempted.

There have been two TV movies about the rescue.

Raid On Entebbe (1976) starred Peter Finch, Charles Bronson, Yaphet Kotto and was directed by Irvin Kershner (The Empire Strikes Back). It won the Golden Globe for “Best Motion Picture Made for Television.” Victory At Entebbe was helmed by Marvin J. Chomsky (Tank) and starred Elizabeth Taylor, Linda Blair, Helen Hayes, Richard Dreyfuss and Burt Lancaster.

The 2017 film is from director José Padilha (“Narcos,” “Elite Squad”) and written
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A True Maverick: Top 10 Films of James Garner (1928-2014)

Indeed it is sad news to acknowledge the passing of Emmy-winning and Oscar-nominated actor James Garner (1928-2014). The Hollywood icon Garner has endured a remarkable show business career during a five-plus decade stretch as he has entertained generations of TV and film audiences throughout the ages. Upon the death of this immensely likable leading man on both the small and big screen many are probably wondering about their mortality at this point. After all, you either grew up with James Garner as a peer or spent your childhood watching him in your living rooms on the boob tube or at the local movie theater.

Although the majority of folks associate Garner with television from his first western series Maverick in the 1950′s to his landmark role as ex-con Pi Jim Rockford in the 1970′s The Rockford Files (some teens and young adults may recall his brief stint as grandfather Jim
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Gd Spradlin obituary

Character actor who portrayed smarmy politicians, sadistic generals and unspeakable authoritarian figures

There is a scene in Francis Ford Coppola's The Godfather: Part II (1974) that crystallises the entire film career of the character actor Gd Spradlin, who has died aged 90. As the corrupt senator Pat Geary, Spradlin asks the mafia boss Michael Corleone (Al Pacino) for a bribe, so that he can grant gaming licences to the "family" for several casinos in Nevada. During the meeting, Geary launches into an attack on the Corleones, a name he pronounces with derision. "I intend to squeeze you. I don't like your kind of people. I don't like to see you come out to this clean country with oily hair and trussed up in those silk suits trying to pass yourselves off as decent Americans. I'll do business with you, but the fact is I despise you masquerading in the dishonest way you pose yourself.
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Leaked phone messages from '80s 'super agent' are a hoax -- but like Milli Vanilli, a funny one

Leaked phone messages from '80s 'super agent' are a hoax -- but like Milli Vanilli, a funny one
Imagine meeting a name-dropping, bad-movie-premiere boasting, desperately hustling Hollywood agent from the 1980s. The viral video of the “Warren Klein” answering machine tapes would be the one-sided conversation you’d have with such a creature.

The six-minute slide-show, with audio purporting to be messages left by this agent for clients C. Thomas Howell, Jami Gertz, and Kirk Cameron, are currently cracking up the industry as the Funny or Die clip pinballed around Twitter and Facebook today. “Are you ready for the money?” he says to Cameron, about a role in 1989′s forgettable debate-team St. Elmo’s Fire wannabe Listen to Me.
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Dana Carvey Threatens To Overtake Robin Williams As Most Annoying Talk Show Guest Ever

Do you ever get overwhelmed by your DVR? Like, you’re sitting there on your couch, you open up your list of unwatched shows and there are like four unwatched episodes of Cougar Town sitting there, mocking you? That happened to me on Sunday, but instead of letting it get me down, I barreled through the clutter of my DVR like C. Thomas Howell in Tank. I watched Real Housewives, I caught up on The Office and I even cleared out a few episodes of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. Anyway, now that you have some context about why I’m talking about something that happened last Thursday night today, I thought I’d bring up Dana Carvey‘s recent appearance on Lnwjf. I couldn’t tell you what he was promoting, exactly, but the very second he caught sight of the cameras, he managed to morph himself into a
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Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Inglorious Bastards’ Gets A Soundtrack

Is there anyone out there in the world who doesn’t like a Quentin Tarantino soundtrack? No need to raise your hands; just stop reading and move on to the next post if you’re one of those fun-hating mutants. This isn’t going to be big news for you.

For the legion of Tarantino fans who are still reading, get excited. Tarantino’s “Inglorious Bastards,” set to hit theaters on August 21, now has an *official* soundtrack. The listing is in French, as it comes to us via an informational Pdf posted on the Cannes Film Festival website. I’ve copied it here and filtered out the extraneous information the best that I could, but the truly curious should proceed directly to the “Inglorious Bastards” press page on the Cannes Film Festival website.

The Green Leaves of Summer

(d’après le film Alamo)

De Dimitri Tiomkin, Paul Francis Webster

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What Inglourious Music Will The Basterds Be Put To?

So far, what we’ve gotten from Quentin Tarantino’s upcoming Inglourious Basterds film have been numerous posters, images and actual footage (including a wicked first trailer). Well, those are all really cool, but one thing we haven’t gotten to know up until this point is the soundtrack for the film - a trademark of Tarantino’s movies in and of itself.

Today, thanks to AICN, we have a soundtrack listing for Inglourious Basterds, something any Tarantino fan should be excited to see. The list is from a press release at Cannes, so logically it’s in French. However, the song titles and artists can be read okay, check out the list below:

The Green Leaves of Summer

(d’après le film Alamo)

De Dimitri Tiomkin The Verdict

(Dopo la condanna)

D’Ennio Morricone

Interprété par

Ennio Morricone L’incontro con la figlia

D’Ennio Morricone White Lightning

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