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Time Out
Part vigilante movie, part sitcom, part tearjerker, part cracker melodrama, it's redeemed by yet another of Garner's graceful, effortless performances.
James Garner’s persona gives the events a soft, human, and at times bemused edge.
Los Angeles Times
A picture with possibilities and an attractive star performance from James Garner that's among his best, but Marvin J. Chomsky's blunt, straight-on direction flattens out the film as surely as if it had been run over by the Sherman tank of its title. [28 Aug 1988, p.5]
Washington Post
Well, cloddish as it is, Tank doesn't put any obstacles in the way of separating the good guys from the bad guys. And while you might justly call it stupefying, it's never boring. [28 Mar 1984, p.B17]
Tank is as immediately forgettable as a lesser, made-for-television movie.
Washington Post
A trite vehicle that lumbers along like its namesake. Clankety-clank. [16 Mar 1984, p.19]
Miami Herald
If the story were not already stupid and cynical, the casting would kill the film in any case. Garner is utterly lost as a top sergeant; he doesn't even swear well, and some of the movie's most uncomfortable moments are those in which he tries. [16 Mar 1984, p.D10]

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