Tank (1984) Poster


Sandy Ward: General Hubik


  • Sheriff Buelton : They're gonna lose, General. They're goin' down in flames and you're gonna help me do it. I just got back from the governor's office, and I can have him call you or he can call your superior if that's the way you want it. But, either way, I'm gonna see some tanks rollin' out here to stop that maniac.

    Maj. Gen. V.E. Hubik : Go ahead, call anyone you like, sheriff. I don't take orders from governors. Sergeant Major Carey's resigned. Besides, he's committed no major crime in my jurisdiction.

    Sheriff Buelton : He stole a god damn tank!

    Maj. Gen. V.E. Hubik : It's his tank he can do what he wants with it! The most I've got him on is busting a twenty foot section of fence.

    Sheriff Buelton : General, I am the local civilian authority and I am hereby making a formal request of the military to do everything in its power to assist and aid me in apprehending known...

    Maj. Gen. V.E. Hubik : Posse Comitatus, sir.

    Sheriff Buelton : Did you call me a pussy communist?

    Maj. Gen. V.E. Hubik : The U.S. Army is, by an act of congress; Posse Comitatus act, specifically precluded from enforcing civilian law outside the military reservation.

    Sheriff Buelton : Pussy communist?

    Maj. Gen. V.E. Hubik : That means I do not have the authority to provide you with a single piece of military equipment or personnel without a direct order from my superior or the President of the United States. I can give you his address, if you'd like.

  • Maj. Gen. V.E. Hubik : You know, Pentagon duty isn't bad for a family.

    Zack : Neither is fishing, sir.

    Maj. Gen. V.E. Hubik : In your hat, Sergeant Major.

    Zack : Yes sir, General sir. Three bags full.

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