Tank (1984) Poster


James Garner: Zack



  • Zack : I do believe I got you covered.

  • Zack : We're not runnin' from the law. We're runnin' *to* the law.

  • Reporter : Why would anyone want to own a Sherman tank?

    Zack : Because it's very hard to shoot yourself while you're cleaning it.

  • Zack : Sergeant?

    Mess Sergeant : Yeah?

    Zack : That's the best fuckin' apple cobbler I ever tasted.

  • Deputy Euclid Baker : Someone better have a damn good reason for pounding on my door at 7 in the mornin'. Gonna spend some time in my jail.

    [Exiting the Sheriff's Office] 

    Zack : I do believe I got you covered.

    [Pointing main cannon at Deputy] 

    Deputy Euclid Baker : Oh, Lord.

  • Zack : Alright you two, hold on, we're going for a rough ride.

  • Zack : Well...doesn't that just frost it!

    William 'Billy' Carey : What is it?

    Zack : I do believe we threw a track.

  • Man : Now my wife and kids is gone!

    [mob lights torches] 

    Man : You all gonna try and burn me out? Well you go to it! But I tell you one thing, I'll take a few of you with me!

    Zack : [tank cannon fires, hits a pickup truck]  This is the tank. You assholes better move!

  • Maj. Gen. V.E. Hubik : You know, Pentagon duty isn't bad for a family.

    Zack : Neither is fishing, sir.

    Maj. Gen. V.E. Hubik : In your hat, Sergeant Major.

    Zack : Yes sir, General sir. Three bags full.

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