Romancing the Stone (1984) Poster

Alfonso Arau: Juan



  • Juan : This guy who is following you, he is very persistent!

  • Jack Colton : I understand you have a car. We would like to buy it or rent it, we need to get to a town.

    Juan : What do you call this I'm living in, a pigsty?

    Jack Colton : Oh, no this is great...

    Juan : Hit the road.

    Jack Colton : No, senor, see we...

    Juan : Hit-the-road.

    Jack Colton : But we...

    Juan : [points a gun at him]  Vaya con dios, gringo.

    Jack Colton : [Jack and Joan back off and turn around, to find that all of Juan's men have pulled guns on them too]  Okay, Joan Wilder, write us out of this one.

    Juan : Joan Wilder... Joan Wilder? *The* Joan Wilder?

    [lowering gun, opening door and walking out] 

    Juan : You are Joan Wilder, the novelist?

    Joan Wilder : Well, yes, I am.

    Juan : I read your books! I read all your books!

    [turning to his men, in Spanish] 

    Juan : This is Joan Wilder, who writes the books I read to you on Saturdays!

    Bad Hombre : [awestruck]  Juanita... Juanita, it's Juanita!

    [all the men put away their guns and wave enthusiastically] 

  • Joan Wilder : Can we get there in your car?

    Juan : Who told you I had a car?

    Joan Wilder : The men in the village.

    Juan : They told you I had a car? They are such comedians. They meant my little mule: Pepe.

  • Joan Wilder : What I would really like - would be a phone.

    Juan : No. No. No. No. No phones. No phones. I hate phones. I don't have a phone. But, have a drink! Let's hang out!

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