Muppet Babies (TV Series 1984–1991) Poster


Russi Taylor: Gonzo, Robin, Captain Blackwig the Blue Pirette


  • Gonzo : Come on, bust a move, will ya? Heard that on MTV.

  • Gonzo : We love working in salt mines, right guys?

    All : Gonzo.

    Fozzie : Yeah we don't even mind pepper.

    All : Fozzie.

  • Gonzo : Maybe my brain isn't working right.

    Rowlf : Your brain's never worked right, Gonzo.

    Gonzo : Oh yeah, I forgot.

  • Gonzo : Awww, she called me a nerd. Next I'll be the nerd of her dreams.

  • Gonzo : Weird is my middle name.

  • Scooter : This is really weird.

    Gonzo : Yeah, isn't it great?

  • Gonzo : Let's synchronize our watches.

    Scooter : We don't have any watches.

    Gonzo : That's okay, I don't know what synchronize means anyway.

  • [Piggy has tossed Gonzo away by the nose] 

    Gonzo : [dazed]  Woo-hoo. She touched my nose. I think she's in love.

  • [trying to adjust video camera] 

    Gonzo : Hey, stay in focus. You're fuzzy.

    Fozzie : No way, Gonzo; I'm not fuzzy, I'm Fozzie.

  • Scooter : Gonzo, what's that noise?

    Gonzo : [chewing]  Oh, it's just termites chewing on my nose.

    Scooter : But your nose isn't made of wood, Gonzo.

    Gonzo : Of course it is. Pinocchio was my cousin.

  • Gonzo : Piggy, have you seen my baby chick Camilla?

  • Gonzo : [as Cluck Kent in a dream stuck in the elevator after the cable has brokened]  Uh where was I?

    Kermit : I believe your were plunging to certain doom.

    Gonzo : Oh yeah! This looks like a job for...

    [takes off hat and trench coat and then grows taller with big muscles] 

    Gonzo : SUPER GONZO!

  • Gonzo : Nanny's gonna get rid of me. She doesn't know what I am.

    Nanny : [Dream about Gonzo being thrown out by Nanny]  AND STAY OUT!

    Gonzo : [gets thrown into a dumptruck]  Don't I get a goodbye kiss?

    Gonzo : [gets his chicken thrown to him]  I guess a goodbye chicken is better than a goodbye kiss.

  • Piggy : [reading to Robin]  Once there was a little green tadpole and he got chased down a tadpole hole.

    Gonzo : Hey, Piggy, don't you mean a little rabbit that got chased down a rabbit hole?

    Piggy : I say it's a little green tadpole that got chased down a tadpole hole and unless you want to get shoved into a weirdo hole

    [raising her voice] 

    Piggy : you'd better keep quiet!

  • Piggy : Gonzo, you're weird.

    Gonzo : Thanks.

  • Piggy : You can't fool me. You stole that move from James Bond.

    Gonzo : And I stole this move from Michael Jackson.

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