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  • David Cronenberg had to remove some shots of a sexual nature and shorten other, violent scenes in order to secure an R rating. Most notably, Max and Nicki's sex scene originally lasted much longer and included Max piercing Nicki's ear multiple times; the scene originally ended with Max fantasizing that the two are having sex on the Videodrome set. (Ironically, some of the sex scene was edited not for sexual content, but due to the torture sequence playing on the TV behind Max)

    The unrated version of the film is fully uncut.

    It is worth noting that there actually exists a third cut of the film, put together by Universal without Cronenberg's input, that aired at least once on Toronto television in the 1980s. While omitting all of the material that would normally be edited for a television broadcast, this version also includes deleted scenes that have never appeared in any cut of the film (or been made available on DVD), including an alternate version of Max's ride to Spectacular Optical, in which he is accompanied by a still-living Nicki Brand. Edit

  • Quite possibly, that the girl has the Electra complex, which is the female equivalent to Freud's Oedipus complex. In a nutshell, she lusts after her father and resents her mother; wants to kill her. Vice versa for the Oedipus theory. Edit

  • The old British VHS by CIC was cut by 3 minutes although it was based on the shorter R-Rated version anyway. Several scenes involving violence and/or sex were removed. Edit



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