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9 Jan. 1989
Twelve Annoyed Men and Women
Having to serve as foreman on a jury that can't come to a consensus may force Dick to miss a New England Patriots game he and George have tickets to.
16 Jan. 1989
Home for the Holidays
Joanna becomes a Real Estate sales person.
23 Jan. 1989
Shoe Business Is My Life
Michael is fired after insulting the daughter of WPIV's new owner and the only work he can find is as a shoe salesman.
6 Feb. 1989
George and the Old Maid
The Inn's old maid, Madelyn Stone, returns after a 25-year absence to answer George "The Brick" marriage proposal.
13 Feb. 1989
Hi, Society
Dick takes Stephanie to a High Society gala.
20 Feb. 1989
Cupcake on My Back
Michael cannot afford the extravagant lifestyle Stephanie has become accustomed to on his salary as a shoe salesman, while accusations of cheating at poker threaten Jim and Chester's friendship.
27 Feb. 1989
Another Saturday Night
Michael and Joanna endure a torturous evening at Larry, Darryl, and Darryl's house. Dick gives a commencement speech at an exclusive school.
13 Mar. 1989
The Nice Man Cometh
Dick unwillingly becomes the sidekick and target of mockery of an insult comic hired to host WPIV's new late night talk show.
20 Mar. 1989
One and a Half Million Dollar Man
Scooter Drake comes to Vermont in hopes of buying an inn. Michael begins a new career as a mime.
27 Mar. 1989
The Little Match Girl
Michael is hospitalized in a sanitarium after suffering a breakdown due to his life falling apart. When visiting him, Dick meets Corinne Denby, the irascible artist who is now a mental patient, and agrees to sponsor her release so she can work on his new book, not knowing she's a pyromaniac.
10 Apr. 1989
Buy, Buy Blues
Stephanie becomes addicted to shopping as a means of dealing with her and Michael's breakup.
24 Apr. 1989
Message from Michael
Michael becomes a guest on Vermont Today and is a town favorite.
1 May 1989
Homes and Jo-Jo
Joanna hosts a real estate TV show where her co-host tries to create sexual tension between the two of them.
8 May 1989
Georgie and Bess
George's Aunt Bess visits the inn but she isn't the kind woman he remembers.
15 May 1989
Murder at the Stratley
Everyone in town is talking about Dick's first novel: a murder mystery with characters who are thinly disguised versions of people in his own life.
22 May 1989
Malling in Love Again
Michael and Stephanie get married; Dick doesn't believe Larry, Darryl, and Darryl when Larry says they know Johnny Carson.
18 Sep. 1989
Don't Worry Be Pregnant
Michael and a very pregnant Stephanie return from a six-month honeymoon.
25 Sep. 1989
Get Dick
Dick believes Hubert is trying to kill him after he accidentally burns down his restaurant.
2 Oct. 1989
Poetry and Pastries
When Dick is named the judge of the local poetry and pastry contest, Joanna is convinced she will win until Dick belittles her ability as a poet.
16 Oct. 1989
Utley Exposed
Everyone decides to run George out of town when he reveals that, as a teenager, he was the perpetrator of an infamous prank.
23 Oct. 1989
Ramblin' Michael Harris
Michael quits his job at the grocery store and becomes a lounge singer at a local restaurant.
13 Nov. 1989
Meet Michael Vanderkellen
Mrs. Vanderkellen promises to buy Michael and Stephanie a house if Michael changes his last name.
20 Nov. 1989
Good Lord Loudon
A cash-strapped visiting dignitary makes Dick a royal Lord. After hearing of his good fortune, the townspeople's opinion of Dick jumps up a notch.
4 Dec. 1989
Cupcake in a Cage
Stephanie ends up in jail after slapping a mall security guard during an emotional outburst brought on by her pregnancy hormones.
11 Dec. 1989
Attack of the Killer Aunt
Joanna's Aunt Louise, who dislikes Dick and tried to stop their wedding, comes for a visit.
18 Dec. 1989
I Like You, Butt...
George meets a woman with an extremely large behind.

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