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7 Jan. 1985
Pillow Fight
To thank Joanna for her help on his new book, Dick offers to make her co-author, only to have her propose a long string of changes to his work.
14 Jan. 1985
Local Hero
George becomes a hero after rescuing the occupants of a car that crashed into a lake. Dick wants to celebrate his heroism by having George as a guest on his television show, but Michael insists on booking a young science-contest winner.
4 Feb. 1985
Dick Gets Larry's Goat
Larry, Darryl, and Darryl begin feudin' with the Loudons after Dick reports their trouble-making pet goat to Animal Control. The feud threatens to prevent Stephanie and Michael's vacation to the tropics.
11 Feb. 1985
Once I Had a Secret Love
Dick and Joanna spar after Dick is 'riddled' with doubts when Joanna is set to appear on his Valentine's Day Show.
18 Feb. 1985
Lady in Wading
Stephanie must chose between her relationship with Michael and a millionaire who is romancing her at the same time that he's considering buying Michael's television station.
25 Feb. 1985
Look Homeward, Stephanie
On a visit to Stephanie's home, Michael is wowed by her parent's incredible wealth while Stephanie discovers that being around it makes her mean-spirited and even more spoiled than usual. Meanwhile, despite Dick's best attempts, Joanna continues to guess what he's bought for her birthday presents.
4 Mar. 1985
My Fair Larry
Joanna tries to help Larry, Darryl, and Darryl improve their service at the Minuteman Cafe.
11 Mar. 1985
You're Nobody 'til Somebody Hires You
Michael is sacked when the station manager refuses his demands for his new contract. He sinks to the depths of despair with no money to keep Stephanie happy. Dick is made the producer of his own show but it doesn't turn out well.
18 Mar. 1985
Out with the New, Inn with the Old
When Dick finds an old picture of what the Stratford Inn used to look like, he decides to restore the carriage house from the garage that it is now. However, George is not happy with the idea.
8 Apr. 1985
R.I.P. Off
Harley is sacked from his job at the car wash and Dick manages to get him a job selling burial plots. Unknowingly, it turns out that he is selling swamp land and Harley ends up being arrested for fraud.
6 May 1985
The Prodigal Darryl
Larry and his two brothers win $30 000 writing a jingle. But the money causes a rift and Larry's brother Darryl leaves home. Dick, Larry and the other brother Darryl head to a frat house to bring him back.
27 May 1985
What Makes Dick Run
There is only one week left until nominations close for a VITA, the Vermont Industry TV award, and Dick is advised to animate his performance but he is against the idea of competition. Michael is leading the charge towards an upbeat show.
30 Sep. 1985
Pirate Pete
Dick is the substitute host of a children's TV show. Meanwhile, Stephanie believes she has put on weight.
7 Oct. 1985
The Way We Ought to Be
Michael breaks up with Stephanie after Dick tells him not to always let her have her way.
21 Oct. 1985
Summa Cum Larry
Larry after watching Jeopardy decides to try and get his high school equivalency. So he asks Dick to help him. When he fails the test, Dick goes to the teacher and convinces him to give Larry another try and to test him as if he was on Jeopardy. And Joanna upon seeing the Inn's rating in the Vermont guide go down, sets out to restore it. So she drives George and Stephanie crazy.
28 Oct. 1985
Oh, That Morocco
Stef and Michael plan to go to Morocco when Stef and Joanna become best friends. Stef wants her and Dick to go too. Dick was there in the Army and got sick from the food and doesn't want to go, but Joanna talks him into going.
4 Nov. 1985
Candidate Larry
Larry runs for mayor.
11 Nov. 1985
Locks, Stocks, and Noodlehead
Stephanie's father acts strangely when he visits the Stratford during the town's celebration of Colonial Days, while Dick bristles at the foppish costume Joanna makes him wear.
25 Nov. 1985
The Geezers in the Band
Dick was a member of a band in college and he plans a reunion with his other band members at the Inn. Everyone is now older, taking pills for all sorts of ailments due to getting older, but they try to perform anyway.
2 Dec. 1985
The Shape of Things
Joanna and Stephanie start an aerobics studio but self centered Stephanie thinks it is all about her.
16 Dec. 1985
Write to Privacy
Michael is upset when his friends read his personal diary, but his friends are equally upset about the things he wrote in it.
23 Dec. 1985
Still the Beavers
George quits the Beaver lodge when he feels that they did not award him a prize he thinks he deserved. He tries to start a new lodge with the help of Dick and Michael.

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