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Season 5

26 Sep. 1985
Dead Ringer
Colt goes to work for a new bail bonds woman named Pearl. She wants him to find a guy, a convicted forger on parole, who was charged for burglary and is also an Elvis impersonator. She sends them to Las Vegas to find him but unfortunately there's an Elvis competition going on. Eventually they find him and he claims that someone wants him to forge a will, and when he refused they framed him. He came to Las Vegas because he wants to show everyone his talents and convinces Pearl to let him. When someone tries to grab him, Colt thinks he's telling the truth so tries to ...
3 Oct. 1985
The King of the Stuntmen
Colt goes to a stuntman competition where he meets some old friends, there is a prize of $50,000 to the winner, and there is a thief on the loose.
10 Oct. 1985
Femme Fatale
Pearl sends Colt to bring in a murderer she bailed out. She tells him to keep an eye on the witness who's going to testify against him. While waiting they see someone approach the witness and they jump him thinking he works for the guy but he turns out to be an FBI agent who is also looking for the murderer and he threatens to charge him unless he helps him.
17 Oct. 1985
A Fistful of Lire
While working in Italy Howie falls for a local girl who is working on the movie. Her brother invites Colt to their village. But when they get there. they learn that the brother wants to pit them against a criminal who is terrorizing the village. They also learn that the brother is also looking for a treasure which the criminal also wants.
30 Nov. 1985
The Life of Riley
Colt is sent to bring in a man who broke into the DMV. The man claims that he is looking for his daughter who was kidnapped and the only lead he has is the type of car that was seen, which is why he broke into the DMV. Colt lets him check the car he was checking when Colt grabbed him. After talking to the owner and his employee, Colt suspects the employee so they follow him.
14 Dec. 1985
Seavers: Dead or Alive
While tracking a skip, Colt witnesses the man with another. And while trying to get him, a rival bounty hunter tries to take him from Colt but with Howie's help they outsmart him. Later, Colt is approached by a prosecutor who wants him to testify about the man he saw his skip talking to before he caught him. It seems the man is an elusive criminal. Colt agrees. Later he is framed. When Colt is about to go to court, the prosecutor tells him that she suspects the man he is going to testify against framed him to not only discredit him but to cease them from investigating...
17 Jan. 1986
Colt goes to his high school reunion and connects with the sister of a classmate who is a jeweler. Later some men rob her brother and take her hostage. Colt wants to help find her but the Sheriff who is another classmate who hates him tells him to back off. Colt then suspects something and confronts her brother who admits he set the whole thing up cause he needs the insurance. But the men he hired double cross him and want more.
24 Jan. 1986
Trial by Fire
While working in Thailand, an old Army buddy of Colt approaches him and tells him that another friend of theirs is still a POW and he found him. He wants Colt to help. Colt's a little hesitant cause of something that happened between them. But he goes anyway. But when the chopper that's suppose to pick them up is damaged Howie scrambles to get it repaired. And when Colt rescues his friend, he tells Colt there's another prisoner, they have to get him too.
7 Feb. 1986
The Lucky Stiff
A loser whose money making schemes always go wrong, is thrown out by his wife. And wanting to make it up to her he takes out a contract on himself so that his wife could get his insurance. Moments after meeting with the one who will execute it, he wins the lottery. At the same time, it seems that one of his schemes got him arrested and the one who bailed him out wants Colt to bring him in. Now the guy after claiming the money, is caught by Colt. He asks Colt to make a phone call and the one he calls is the man he hired and he tells him to call it off but the man is ...
21 Feb. 1986
Beach Blanket Bounty
While working in Florida, Colt gets a call from Pearl telling him to find a guy who stole some plans. Colt finds him but at the same time some guys who owns a club are looking for him because he stole the money they were going to use to pay the loan on the club. After they find him, a fence whom he approached to sell the plans tries to get him back because they want the plans.
28 Feb. 1986
The Last Chance Platoon
An Army buddy of Colt's drafts him into helping find out who on the base is stealing army equipment. He makes Colt a drill sergeant for a special platoon consisting of deadbeats whom he has to shape up. He brings Howie and Jody in to help him. And they keep their eyes on a man whom the Colonel knows has to be involved hoping he'll lead them to the rest of the ones involved.
7 Mar. 1986
I Now Pronounce You... Dead
When Colt is sent to get a guy at his wedding. But when they do a woman pulls out a gun and tries to shoot him. That's when two men grab him. They learn that the woman is his wife. She agrees to help them as long as she can tag along. She takes to where he has a business and they discover she has another wife. And it seems that one of the men who grabbed him, entrusted him with his money and it seems he used it to support his wives.

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