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Exclusive! The Ladies of Knots Landing Reunion!

The nighttime soap stars of "Knots Landing"; Tyler Perry ("Tyler Perry's A Fall From Grace"); creating the SAG Awards statue; guest co-host Jason George ("Station 19"); Betty White turns 98;

Current Episode (aired 16 Jan. 2020)

Matthew McConaughey/Charlie Hunnam/Henry Golding/Hugh Grant

The stars of "The Gentlemen"; dating coach Matthew Hussey tells how to hold on to that special someone; an ET birthday with the star who made "Alexander Hamilton" a household name;


2 Jan. 2017
Episode #36.97
"The 24th Annual Golden Globes Awards"- nominated movies and TV shows; The Bachelor (2002), with Nick Viall.
3 Jan. 2017
Episode #36.98
The Palm Springs International Film Festival, with Mary Hart; the dinner menu for the Golden Globe Awards; an interview with John Legend; Andy Cohen's new clubhouse for Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen (2009); Nick Viall (The Bachelor (2002)); Nicole Kidman's emotional night at the Palm Springs Film Festival, as her late father was her date at the last festival.
4 Jan. 2017
Episode #36.99
Golden Globe red-carpet roll-out with Jimmy Fallon and the Stallone sisters; at home with actress Soleil Moon Frye; the cast of Star (2016); Anthony Anderson and his mother; baby news.
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S36, Ep100
5 Jan. 2017
Episode #36.100
Megyn Kelly rumored to be joining Today (1952) Show; 74th Golden Globe Awards (2017) preparations; behind the scenes of The Mick (2017); an interview with Soleil Moon Frye; Viola Davis receives a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame; Jamie Foxx and Michelle Monaghan (Sleepless (2017)); director Fisher Stevens (Bright Lights: Starring Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds (2016)).
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S36, Ep101
6 Jan. 2017
Episode #36.101
xXx: Return of Xander Cage (2017), starring Vin Diesel; Jamie Foxx and Gabrielle Union (Sleepless (2017); why Meryl Streep is the queen of the Golden Globes; the Globes' funniest moments.
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S36, Ep102
7 Jan. 2017
Episode #36.102
Weekly recap, including a Golden Globe preview with Jimmy Fallon, the nominees and Meryl Streep; remembering Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher.
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S36, Ep103
9 Jan. 2017
Episode #36.103
A Golden Globe Awards recap.
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S36, Ep105
11 Jan. 2017
Episode #36.105
Jessica Biel (The Book of Love (2016)); Khloé Kardashian ("Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian" (2017)); Andrew Garfield on his kiss with Ryan Reynolds at 74th Golden Globe Awards (2017); Amy Adams receives a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame; Victoria Beckham's rules for life; Joseph Fiennes will portray Michael Jackson in Urban Myths: Elizabeth, Michael and Marlon; behind the scenes of Live by Night (2016); update on The Bachelor (2002); update on the Flip or Flop (2013) stars' marriage; Selena Gomez's wild weekend.
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S36, Ep106
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S36, Ep107
13 Jan. 2017
Episode #36.107
Priyanka Chopra was rushed to the ER, after a serious fall on the Quantico (2015) set; Paula Patton accuses her estranged husband, Robin Thicke, of abusing their son; Katie Holmes and Matthew Perry discuss their roles on The Kennedys After Camelot (2017); the British Urban Myths TV episode, Urban Myths: Elizabeth, Michael and Marlon, where Joseph Fiennes portrays Michael Jackson, has been pulled.
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S36, Ep108
14 Jan. 2017
Episode #36.108
Weekly recap, including new details about Kim Kardashian West's robbery; Prince Harry's new romantic getaway; Freddie Mercury's biopic, Bohemian Rhapsody (2018); best Golden Globes moments.
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S36, Ep109
16 Jan. 2017
Episode #36.109
Celebrating women in television; celebrating birthdays; Chris Pratt romances real-life wife Anna Faris on Mom (2013); Beaches (2017), remake of Beaches (1988); Tonya Harding's biopic, I, Tonya (2017).
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S36, Ep110
17 Jan. 2017
Episode #36.110
Secrets from Matthew McConaughey's newest movie, Gold (2016); Big Little Lies (2017); This Is Us (2016) preview; Betty White turns 95; the event that's bringing TV's biggest stars together.
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S36, Ep111
18 Jan. 2017
Episode #36.111
Inside the People's Choice Awards; Toby from the hit TV show, This Is Us (2016); return of "Will and Grace" (1998)); Luke Perry's wrestler son; Melissa McCarthy's new show, Nobodies (2017); Michael Bublé's son has liver cancer.
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S36, Ep112
19 Jan. 2017
Episode #36.112
Fashions and backstage moments from the People's Choice Awards; the cast of This Is Us (2016), The Arrangement (2017), Fuller House (2016).
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S36, Ep113
20 Jan. 2017
Episode #36.113
Jim Parsons talks about his new radio talk show and the future of The Big Bang Theory (2007); the red-carpet premiere of Vin Diesel's new movie, xXx: Return of Xander Cage (2017); Bryce Dallas Howard on Jurassic World (2015)'s sequel secrets; Cory Hawkins on 24: Legacy (2016); Britney Spears's new boyfriend; woman stars prefer TV roles; Andy Cohen on reboot of Love Connection (1983); Dr. Phil McGraw's son's, Jordan McGraw, new music gig.
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S36, Ep114
21 Jan. 2017
Episode #36.114
Weekly recap, including Lady Gaga's plans for her Super Bowl halftime show; the Beaches (1988) remake; Matthew McConaughey; Margot Robbie as Tonya Harding; Matthew Perry as Ted Kennedy.
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S36, Ep116
24 Jan. 2017
Episode #36.116
Academy Award nominations; 30th anniversary of Dirty Dancing (1987); Michael Bublé's music video with Derek Hough.
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S36, Ep117
25 Jan. 2017
Episode #36.117
Remembering Mary Tyler Moore; Luke Perry returns to TV with Riverdale (2017); the 15th anniversary of A Walk to Remember (2002); a look at Hunted (2017).
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S36, Ep118
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S36, Ep119
27 Jan. 2017
Episode #36.119
Oprah Winfrey's new food line; Jennifer Lopez talks about her new fashion project; Mischa Barton's meltdown; preparations for the SAG Awards; a hot date in New Orleans for Nick Viall (The Bachelor (2002)); a possible shakeup for The Today (1952) Show, when Megyn Kelly begins her new NBC morning show in the Fall; the 30th anniversary of Dirty Dancing (1987); Céline Dion is joining The Voice (2011); Adam Lambert and Queen will start a 2017 summer U.S. tour, together.
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S36, Ep120
28 Jan. 2017
Episode #36.120
Weekly recap, including remembering Mary Tyler Moore; 30th anniversary of Dirty Dancing (1987).
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S36, Ep121
30 Jan. 2017
Episode #36.121
From red-carpet interviews to the best and worst dressed, a recap of all the highlights from the 23rd SAG Awards.
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S36, Ep122
31 Jan. 2017
Episode #36.122
Red-carpet premiere of the new show, 24: Legacy (2016); behind-the-scenes of the new show, Superior Donuts (2017); Kerry Washington's 40th birthday; 25th anniversary of Cindy Crawford's Pepsi commercial.
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S36, Ep123
1 Feb. 2017
Episode #36.123
Beyoncé is pregnant with twins; Johnny Depp's lavish lifestyle; preview of Super Bowl LI; Chrissy Teigen return to modeling after giving birth; preview of Superior Donuts (2017).
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S36, Ep124
2 Feb. 2017
Episode #36.124
An interview with Carter Thicke about his father Alan Thicke's death; Lady Gaga's Super Bowl halftime show; Luke Bryan talks about singing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl; sneak peek at The Big Bang Theory (2007); Drew Barrymore's life changes; Margot Robbie (I, Tonya (2017)); Super Bowl preview.
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S36, Ep126
4 Feb. 2017
Episode #36.126
Weekly recap, including Beyoncé's announcement that she is expecting twins; preparations for Super Bowl LI; Lady Gaga's halftime preview; remembering Alan Thicke (Growing Pains (1985)); an interview with Carter Thicke.
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S36, Ep127
6 Feb. 2017
Episode #36.127
Lady Gaga after her Super Bowl halftime show; inside the big game with all of the stars; Fifty Shades Darker (2017).
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S36, Ep129
8 Feb. 2017
Episode #36.129
Remembering Beyoncé's and Adele's best Grammy moments; best friends Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman and Laura Dern; So Cosmo (2017), behind the scenes of Cosmo magazine; Madonna adopts twins; inside Catherine Zeta-Jones's closet; Chrissy Teigen involved in hit-and-run accident; Justin Timberlake's confessions; Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani's getaway; "Law and Order: SVU"s 400th episode.
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S36, Ep130
9 Feb. 2017
Episode #36.130
Beyoncé; Adele; Lady Gaga; Hollywood prepares for Grammy night; The Big Bang Theory (2007); celebrity workout fashion.
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S36, Ep131
10 Feb. 2017
Episode #36.131
George Clooney and Amal Clooney's pregnancy news; Grammy rehearsals; Kaitlyn Bristowe (The Bachelorette (2003)); 30th anniversary of CBS Daytime dominance; Matt Damon (The Great Wall (2016)).
11 Feb. 2017
Episode #36.132
Weekly recap, including Beyoncé, Adele and Lady Gaga's Grammy rehearsals; Christie Brinkley's photo shoot with her daughters; Mariah Carey burns her $250,000 wedding dress.
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S36, Ep134
14 Feb. 2017
Episode #36.134
An interview with the cast of Fist Fight (2017); The Voice (2011) coaches discuss the new season; This Is Us (2016)'s season finale.
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S36, Ep135
15 Feb. 2017
Episode #36.135
Salma Hayek (How to Be a Latin Lover (2017)); the Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover model is revealed; Doubt (2017), with Katherine Heigl; the Property Brothers' home tour.
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S36, Ep136
16 Feb. 2017
Episode #36.136
Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel; behind the scenes of the new King Kong movie, Kong: Skull Island (2017), with Tom Hiddleston; flashback to the Lawrence brothers' musical past; La La Land (2016)'s dance moves.
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S36, Ep137
17 Feb. 2017
Episode #36.137
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are finally getting a divorce; Harrison Ford's cockpit confusion; Justin Bieber is under investigation; Sports Illustrated swimsuit party; Julie Bowen's debut on The Price Is Right (1972); The Good Fight (2017), The Good Wife (2009) spin-off; Britney Ever After (2017), the Britney Spears biopic; the stars of Big Little Lies (2017); Peta Murgatroyd, Maksim Chmerkovskiy and their new baby.
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S36, Ep138
18 Feb. 2017
Episode #36.138
Weekly recap, including Harrison Ford's botched plane landing; Grammy fashions; Britney Ever After (2017), Britney Spears biopic.
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S36, Ep141
22 Feb. 2017
Episode #36.141
Countdown to the Oscars, with Jimmy Kimmel; Chris Hemsworth and Michael Pena (12 Strong (2018)); an interview with Céline Dion.
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S36, Ep143
24 Feb. 2017
Episode #36.143
Behind the scenes at the Oscars; gifts stars receive; an interview with a divorcing Flip or Flop (2013) star; the new Michael Jackson movie, Michael Jackson: Searching for Neverland (2017).
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S36, Ep145
27 Feb. 2017
Episode #36.145
Highlights of the Oscars; best- and worst-dressed.