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Exclusive! The Ladies of Knots Landing Reunion!

The nighttime soap stars of "Knots Landing"; Tyler Perry ("Tyler Perry's A Fall From Grace"); creating the SAG Awards statue; guest co-host Jason George ("Station 19");

Current Episode (aired 16 Jan. 2020)

Matthew McConaughey/Charlie Hunnam/Henry Golding/Hugh Grant

The stars of "The Gentlemen"; dating coach Matthew Hussey tells how to hold on to that special someone; an ET birthday with the star who made "Alexander Hamilton" a household name;


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S35, Ep101
1 Feb. 2016
Episode #35.101
Fashions at the Screen Actors Guild Awards; George Clooney and Channing Tatum ("Hail, Caesar"); Keke Palmer on Grease Live! (2016); Dierks Bentley announcement of the nominations for the ACM Awards; preview of the Super Bowl; fifteen top actresses grace the cover of the current Vanity Fair issue.
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S35, Ep102
2 Feb. 2016
Episode #35.102
Hollywood premiere of "Hail, Caesar" (2016); Super Bowl Media Day; the latest on Bill Cosby; update on Rob Kardashian; some of the best Super Bowl commercials of all time.
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S35, Ep103
3 Feb. 2016
Episode #35.103
Marcia Clark on American Crime Story (2016); Terra Jole on Little Women: LA (2014); Céline Dion's first interview since the deaths of her husband and her brother; behind-the-scenes of Deadpool (2016); a look at the "Entertainment Weekly" issue, "Beyond Beautiful"; Hugh Jackman on his film, Eddie the Eagle (2015), and his upcoming 20th wedding anniversary.
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S35, Ep104
4 Feb. 2016
Episode #35.104
Rob Gronkowski goes shopping; flashback to Entertainment Tonight (1981) at the Super Bowl.
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S35, Ep106
8 Feb. 2016
Episode #35.106
Coldplay and Beyoncé discuss their Super Bowl halftime performance; Oscar class photos; Ryan Reynolds and T.J. Miller talk about Deadpool (2016); Super Bowl commercials.
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S35, Ep107
9 Feb. 2016
Episode #35.107
Michael Weatherly on leaving NCIS (2003). Also: Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner at New York Fashion Week.
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S35, Ep108
10 Feb. 2016
Episode #35.108
A look at Gwen Stefani's rehearsal for the Grammy Awards; premiere of Zoolander 2 (2016); a look at Mother's Day (2016). Also: a look at 35 years of Entertainment Tonight (1981) at the Grammys; selection of Sports Illustrated swimsuit models; Nancy O'Dell's bet with Bryan Cranston on the outcome of Super Bowl 50; Bob Odenkirk on Better Call Saul (2015)).
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S35, Ep109
11 Feb. 2016
Episode #35.109
A behind-the-scenes look at Grey's Anatomy (2005); inside Oprah Winfrey's closet; LL Cool J with a preview of the Grammy Awards. Also: an interview with Tina Fey.
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S35, Ep110
12 Feb. 2016
Episode #35.110
John Legend talks about fatherhood; Kris Jenner remembers her friend, Nicole Brown Simpson; dancer Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Val Chmerkovskiy; singer Lionel Richie. Also: a look at the most outrageous outfits at the Grammy Awards; a preview of Sunday's Grammys.
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S35, Ep116
22 Feb. 2016
Episode #35.116
A look at the 200th episode of The Big Bang Theory (2007). Also: a report on a reality-TV star's plastic surgery; at the IHeartRadio party.
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S35, Ep117
23 Feb. 2016
Episode #35.117
The trial for invasion of Erin Andrews's privacy has begun; behind the scenes of The Biggest Loser (2004); a visit to the set of Captain America: Civil War (2016); more of Charlie Sheen's outrageous behavior; Jennifer Garner on Miracles from Heaven (2016).
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S35, Ep118
24 Feb. 2016
Episode #35.118
Céline Dion in Las Vegas; Erin Andrews's lawsuit against a Marriott hotel for allowing a stalker to have access to her; interview with Melania Trump. Also: a tour of the Versace mansion.
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S35, Ep119
25 Feb. 2016
Episode #35.119
A preview of red-carpet arrivals at the Oscars. Also: behind-the-scenes of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen (2009) with Andy Cohen.
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S35, Ep120
26 Feb. 2016
Episode #35.120
Preview of the Oscars Awards; Kelly Clarkson's emotional performance at American Idol (2002); Tim Allen and Patricia Richardson recall their time on Home Improvement (1991). Also: the dos and don'ts of Oscar fashion.
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S35, Ep121
29 Feb. 2016
Episode #35.121
A recap of the 88th Academy Awards.
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S35, Ep122
1 Mar. 2016
Episode #35.122
Neil Patrick Harris talks about his twins; Blake Shelton opens up about his relationship with Gwen Stefani; Chrissy Teigen shares her views on motherhood.
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S35, Ep123
2 Mar. 2016
Episode #35.123
An interview with Joe Giudice and Teresa Giudice before he goes to prison. Also: a report on Madonna and Guy Ritchie's custody battle over their son, Rocco Ritchie; confessions of celebrity nannies; interview with Jessica Biel; behind-the-scenes of "The Passion-Live"; on the set of Baywatch (2017); announcement of contestants for the new season of Dancing with the Stars (2005).
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S35, Ep124
3 Mar. 2016
Episode #35.124
Behind the scenes of the movie, Baywatch (2017); a look at the new Ghostbusters (2016).
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S35, Ep125
4 Mar. 2016
Episode #35.125
Gwyneth Paltrow; Jennifer Garner (Miracles from Heaven (2016)); Jennifer Lopez; Loretta Lynn; Martha Stewart helps a bride to find an ideal wedding dress; Bobbi Kristina Brown's autopsy report is released; O.J. Simpson knife has been found; Brandon Maxwell, Lady Gaga's stylist.
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S35, Ep126
7 Mar. 2016
Episode #35.126
A report on the knife allegedly found at O.J. Simpson's former estate; the death of Nancy Reagan. Also: the women of The Bachelor (2002) discuss the show's secrets; an interview with Nick Jonas; interviews with the cast of Allegiant (2016); Meghan Trainor's concern about her body image.
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S35, Ep127
8 Mar. 2016
Episode #35.127
Introduction to contestants on Dancing with the Stars (2005)'s new season; interview with the cast of Allegiant (2016); Erin Andrews won her invasion-of-privacy lawsuit; Dolly Parton on touring for the first time in decades; Behati Prinsloo on starting a family with Adam Levine; interview with Bindi Irwin.
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S35, Ep128
9 Mar. 2016
Episode #35.128
The funeral of Nancy Reagan; behind the scenes of Captain America: Civil War (2016), with Chris Evans; the new cast of Allegiant (2016). Also: the premiere of 10 Cloverfield Lane (2016); interviews with Marcia Clark, Sheryl Underwood, Padma Lakshmi.
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S35, Ep130
11 Mar. 2016
Episode #35.130
A report on former first lady Nancy Reagan's funeral; John Stamos's new girlfriend, Caitlin McHugh; interview with Rita Wilson; Madonna's child custody battle for son Rocco Ritchie; interview with Backstreet Boys' Brian Littrell and his son, Baylee Littrell. Also: an interview with the family who inspired Miracles from Heaven (2016).
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S35, Ep131
14 Mar. 2016
Episode #35.131
A behind-the-scenes look at Supergirl (2015); a recap of the 29th annual "Kids Choice Awards" with Blake Shelton. Also: The Bachelor (2002) finale; update on Richard Simmons; Empire (2015).
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S35, Ep132
15 Mar. 2016
Episode #35.132
A look at Oprah Winfrey's return to TV; celebrities' look-alike daughters; interview with Kristin Cavallari (book "Balancing in Heels"); NCIS (2003)'s 300th episode; The Bachelor (2002) couple is revealed; celebrities fighting overseas; on the set of Ben-Hur (2016); at the premiere of Allegiant (2016).
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S35, Ep133
16 Mar. 2016
Episode #35.133
The premiere of My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 (2016); the new season of Scandal (2012); behind the scenes of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016); a look at reality star Susie Feldman's $100,000 transformation. Also: Mary Hart talks about her guest appearance on Baby Daddy (2012); a look at The Boss (2016); a look at The Passion (2016).
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S35, Ep134
17 Mar. 2016
Episode #35.134
Melissa McCarthy on The Boss (2016); Billy Brown on How to Get Away with Murder (2014); doubts about Blake Shelton's drinking; Angelina Jolie mobbed by crowds overseas; preview of The Passion (2016); Erin Andrews's first public appearance after the trial verdict; the death of Frank Sinatra Jr.; the new season of The Big Bang Theory (2007).
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S35, Ep135
18 Mar. 2016
Episode #35.135
A look at the live musical, The Passion (2016); behind the scenes of Josh Kelley's new music video with his wife, Katherine Heigl.
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S35, Ep136
21 Mar. 2016
Episode #35.136
The premiere of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) in New York City; Ben Affleck on playing Batman; and David Beckham on date nights with his wife, Victoria Beckham. Also: Kim Fields' Dancing with the Stars (2005) rehearsal.
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S35, Ep139
24 Mar. 2016
Episode #35.139
Behind the scenes of Criminal Minds (2005), with Shemar Moore; Daytime Emmy Awards nominations announced; Behati Prinsloo is pregnant; Nia Vardalos on My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 (2016); Julianne Hough displays her new clothing line. Also: rating Ben Affleck's performance as Batman.
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S35, Ep140
25 Mar. 2016
Episode #35.140
The death of Garry Shandling; Gal Gadot on playing "Wonder Woman" in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016); Kris Jenner on her secrets for success; Also: a profile of Megyn Kelly; interviews with Jennifer Lopez; Kate Hudson; Meghan Trainor; Jennifer Garner.
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S35, Ep141
28 Mar. 2016
Episode #35.141
A look at "The Flash" on Supergirl (2015); backstage at Dancing with the Stars (2005) rehearsal; interview with Ashley Graham; Miley Cyrus on being a mentor on The Voice (2011); a tribute to Garry Shandling; Chrissy Teigen's baby shower; Seth Meyers' birth of first child; Lady Gaga's 30th birthday; Ivanka Trump's birth of third child.
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S35, Ep142
29 Mar. 2016
Episode #35.142
Christopher Darden talks about American Crime Story (2016) and his past relationship with Marcia Clark; the death of Patty Duke; interview with the cast of The Boss (2016); a report on injuries on Dancing with the Stars (2005); Jon Lovitz and Jessica Lowndes' April Fool's joke. Also: James Corden discusses his "Carpool Kakaoke" special.
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S35, Ep143
30 Mar. 2016
Episode #35.143
Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson talk about The Ranch (2016); Hollywood moms-to-be; remembering Patty Duke; the cast of Empire (2015) share secrets from the show; Jennifer Lopez's carpool confessions on James Corden's carpool karaoke special; Seth Meyers describing the events of the birth of his son.
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S35, Ep144
31 Mar. 2016
Episode #35.144
Lauren Conrad on celebrity weddings; Luke Bryan on Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani's relationship; Jerry Bruckheimer on the "Top Gun" sequel; stars without makeup; the cast of American Crime Story (2016) celebrating the season finale; celebrities working out.
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S35, Ep145
1 Apr. 2016
Episode #35.145
Kerry Washington talks about the HBO film, Confirmation (2016); Shirley MacLaine discusses her career in show business.
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S35, Ep146
4 Apr. 2016
Episode #35.146
A recap of the 51st annual Academy of Country Music Awards; backstage at the iHeartRadio Awards; the GLAAD Awards; the breakup of Drew Barrymore and Will Kopelman; Taylor Swift's romantic confession. Also: Joe Zee on fashion dos, don'ts and do-overs; Bethenny Frankel on her recent health scare; behind-the-scenes of The Huntsman: Winter's War (2016).
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S35, Ep147
5 Apr. 2016
Episode #35.147
Sharon Stone, Courteney Cox, Susan Sarandon and Selma Blair discuss Mothers and Daughters (2016); Lori Loughlin talks about When Calls the Heart (2014); Mischa Barton was booted off Dancing with the Stars (2005); Drew Barrymore is coping with the split from her husband, Will Kopelman; premiere of The Jungle Book (2016).
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S35, Ep148
6 Apr. 2016
Episode #35.148
Behind the scenes of Mother's Day (2016), with Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston and Kate Hudson; Janet Jackson may be pregnant; Amy Schumer says that she is not a plus-size. Also: an interview with the cast of The Real Housewives of Dallas (2016); the death of Merle Haggard; memorable moments from American Idol (2002); Charlize Theron on the disadvantage of being beautiful.
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S35, Ep149
7 Apr. 2016
Episode #35.149
Behind the scenes of final performances of American Idol (2002); Kate Hudson on work and motherhood; Reese Witherspoon on her country style. Also: a look at Hollywood salaries.
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S35, Ep150
8 Apr. 2016
Episode #35.150
The final American Idol (2002) episode; Anne Hathaway gave birth to son on March 24, 2016; Megan Fox; Steve Harvey (Little Big Shots (2016)). Also: Scott Foley and Dan Bucatinsky talk about Who Do You Think You Are? (2010).
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S35, Ep151
11 Apr. 2016
Episode #35.151
Jennifer Aniston talks about Mother's Day (2016); Ciara and Ludacris announced the 2016 Billboard Music Awards nominees.
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S35, Ep163
27 Apr. 2016
Episode #35.163
Behind the scenes of the final season of The Good Wife (2009). Also: Caitlyn Jenner, Melissa McCarthy and Nicki Minaj at the Time 100 gala.
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S35, Ep164
28 Apr. 2016
Episode #35.164
Mariah Carey on tour in Paris; at home with Scott Disick. Also: behind the scenes of Baywatch (2017).
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S35, Ep165
29 Apr. 2016
Episode #35.165
Taylor Swift's style changes; Kate Hudson. Also: fashion dos, don'ts and do-overs with Joe Zee.