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5 Jan. 1982
From the Depths of My Hart
The Harts scuba dive too close to an embezzler's stash.
12 Jan. 1982
Hartless Hobby
The Harts get involved with stamp thieves.
19 Jan. 1982
My Hart Belongs to Daddy
When Jonathan and Jennifer visit her father,he seems preoccupied about something. He doesn't tell them anything. Later when something happens, he reveals that after the war he and some other men were tasked with locating a Nazi and bringing him to trial. He now learns that the man's son is seeking vengeance and has taken out the men who helped him and now he's coming after him.
2 Feb. 1982
Hart of Diamonds
Jennifer has been brainwashed into stealing very expensive jewelry.
9 Feb. 1982
Harts and Palms
On vacation in Hawaii, Jennifer overhears a woman arranging for the murder of the woman's husband.
16 Feb. 1982
The Hart of the Matter
On a trip to an exclusive island French hotel, a friend of the Harts disappears. The staff at the hotel deny that their friend was ever a guest there.
23 Feb. 1982
Blue and Broken-Harted
Someone's trying to break up the Harts.
2 Mar. 1982
Harts on Their Toes
The Harts are in the thick of things when a Russian dancer seeks asylum in their home.
9 Mar. 1982
Deep in the Hart of Dixieland
The Harts try to prove a friend is innocent after he's accused of his rich girlfriend's murder.
23 Mar. 1982
Vintage Harts
The distributors of the Harts new wine venture, are delivering - murder!
30 Mar. 1982
Hart, Line, and Sinker
The Harts escape to their mountain cabin, and get involved in rescuing a young friend who's being framed for murder by the local sheriff.
6 Apr. 1982
Hart and Sole
The Harts get involved with tracking a double agent.
4 May 1982
The Harts Strike Out
One of Jonathan's vice presidents dies, and leaves his family penniless; the Harts try to recover stolen vintage baseball cards that could be worth a fortune to the man's family.
11 May 1982
To Coin a Hart
Jennifer's life is at risk, after a rare coin dealer is killed during a robbery, and Jennifer ends up with the coin.
18 May 1982
Harts and Fraud
Jennifer is at fault in a minor accident. She and Jonathan are shocked when the victim dies due to complications, and then are sued by the grieving widow.
28 Sep. 1982
On a Bed of Harts
The Harts travel to Napa Valley to celebrate their anniversary. While there they accidentally purchase a resort. To their surprise there are others who want the property and will go to any lengths to get it.
12 Oct. 1982
With This Hart, I Thee Wed
The Harts host Jennifer's Aunt's latest nuptials (Eva Gabor), but the occasion is crashed by ex-husband William Windom - and a poisoned cake.
19 Oct. 1982
Million Dollar Harts
Jennifer becomes involved in a deadly gambling scheme while in London.
26 Oct. 1982
Harts on Campus
Jennifer's prep school classmate, sporting a new look, looks to settle some old scores. And one of them involves murder.
9 Nov. 1982
Harts at High Noon
Hart Industries is considering buying a bankrupt old West ghost town, and increasing its value as a tourist attraction. The resident bad guys are determined to prevent that, forcing Jonathan to don his six-shooters, so he and Jennifer can ride off into the sunset.
16 Nov. 1982
Hart's Desire
The Harts are unwillingly involved in a deranged fan's fantasy after Jennifer agrees to help her old professor by impersonating as the author of his novel
23 Nov. 1982
Rich and Hartless
Max's prize of one million dollars in a cereal slogan contest, puts he and the Harts at risk.
30 Nov. 1982
In the Hart of the Night
The Harts and Max must save the Harts' friend King Rashid from being overthrown.
7 Dec. 1982
One Hart Too Many
Jennifer goes undercover at an exclusive women's only fitness center, and gets caught up in a murderous plot to defraud wealthy widows.
21 Dec. 1982
A Christmas Hart
The Harts go undercover as King Kong and Ann Darrow, as singing telegrams, to trap burglars.

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