The Wind and the Lion (1975) Poster

Geoffrey Lewis: Gummere


  • Capt. Jerome, USMC : It seems quite obvious, I would think, sir - we must seize the government and make our own negotiations.

    Gummere : [incredulous]  Seize the government?

    Capt. Jerome, USMC : At BAYONET point!

    Gummere : [snidely; to Dreighton]  Well, I certainly would like to see that old son-of-a-bitch at bayonet point, huh?


    Gummere : But it's ridiculous; it's outrageous, it's lunatic!

    Adm. Chadwick : Yes, isn't it though? I think Teddy should love it!

    Gummere : But, what about the French, the Germans - the British? Why we're in the shadow of Gibraltar!

    Adm. Chadwick : [slams his hand on table and stands up]  DAMN THE LEGATIONS!

    Gummere : [uneasily]  You realize, of course, that if we fail in even the slightest way, we'll all be killed?

    Adm. Chadwick : Yes, and the whole world will probably go to war.

    Capt. Jerome, USMC : Gentlemen, if we fail and are killed, I certainly hope the world DOES go to war!

    [raises glass as a toast] 

    Adm. Chadwick : The world at war!

    Gummere : A world war? Now THAT would be something to go out on...

  • Gummere : Have you ever heard of the "Big Stick", Bashaw?

    The Bashaw of Tangier : Do not threaten me, Mr. Gummere. I have been threatened by the French, the Germans, the English... I have been threatened by..."experts", Mr. Gummere! And yet Morocco is still the only sovereign Muslim throne west of Constantinople.

    Gummere : Yes, but it is shaky.

    The Bashaw of Tangier : Yes, we have French infantry and German cavalry. Our currency is Spanish. But my nephew is the Sultan of Morocco; and it is, as it shall be.

  • Vice Consul Richard : [to Bashaw]  Now, listen here! We represent a modern power! We are talking about Marines, battleships, big guns - we are not fooling about!

    Gummere : Richard, we are not here to make threats, only entreaties...

  • Gummere : You and I are both old men and we've seen these disasters come and go. And our job is to make this one go - and make it look good!


    Adm. Chadwick : I must remind you, sir, that I was at Santiago Bay when this President was running up San Juan Hill. And I'm afraid we'll have to do more than just "look good" this time!

    Gummere : Well, what did you, uh, have in mind exactly?

    Capt. Jerome, USMC : [stands, smiling]  Military intervention!

  • Gummere : [watching the Marines marching through Tangier]  I don't think the French and Germans are gonna like this. Too early in the morning for rattling sabers.

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