The Land That Time Forgot (1974) Poster

John McEnery: Captain Von Schoenvorts



  • [Over the speaker to the crew] 

    Captain Von Schoenvorts : This U-Boat is now under the control of our enemy, Mr. Tyler. You will obey his commands... for the time being.

  • Bradley : Caprona has damn little respect for guns, Mr. Tyler.

    Captain Von Schoenvorts : No, there's nothing wrong with our shooting, gentlemen. In primitive nervous systems like this allosaurus, even a fatal wound might register in the brain with a delayed action. As your saying would have it, this "chap" was late for his own funeral.

  • Lisa Clayton : You know, I'm a biologist, Captain. I study the structure of living things, their motivations and their behavior. But I don't understand you. How can anyone who is so interested in life follow a profession which is devoted to destruction and killing?

    Captain Von Schoenvorts : The study of nature, Miss Clayton, has taught me that life is founded upon killing and destruction. The sea swarms with living things that prey on one another to survive.

    Lisa Clayton : But human beings needn't. The ship you torpedoed contained nothing but innocent passengers! Women and children!

    Captain Von Schoenvorts : And a hold full of arms and ammunition that would be used to kill women and children in my country. Oh, yes. How else would it have exploded so quickly?

  • Captain Von Schoenvorts : You are too late! Caprona has won. You cannot go back to the... beginning.

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