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Sex & Nudity

  • Many sketches have sexual innuendoes, and some are entirely based on it.
  • Sometimes female hosts and musical guests will wear revealing outfits (i.e. low-cut tops) during monologues or musical performances. There are also some sketches that involve the cast doing this.
  • Occasionally, for comedic effect, men will be seen in their underwear.
  • Occasionally, there are sketches about prostitutes, strippers, or porn stars.
  • Some sketches involve either blurred out or cleverly concealed nudity.
  • Kissing occurs fairly frequently. It can be anything from very light to bordering on sexual acts - it depends on the sketch.
  • Some sketches involve risqué dance moves, usually performed by women.
  • Many lines have double-meanings, especially in the "NPR's Delicious Dish" sketches.
  • Whenever there's a major political sex scandal, the next cold open and "Weekend Update" usually acknowledge and make fun of it.

Violence & Gore

  • On rare occasions, the Weekend Update anchors might make serious comments about real recent violent crimes (such as shootings).
  • When there is any, it's usually comical and exaggerated.
  • This area is usually not as concerning as the others.


  • Most sketches have at least one or two words, usually not going above the level of a**.
  • A few sketches involve people narrowly avoiding saying certain curse words, such as "1-800-EAT-S***" or "D*** in a Box."
  • Sometimes anatomical terms are used.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • People often drink at parties or with meals.
  • Some references to illegal drugs, usually in a positive manner.
  • Some showing of or jokes about cigarettes/cigars, usually in a positive manner.
  • Some characters might appear drunk or high.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

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