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Eddie Murphy/Lizzo

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18 Jan. 2014
Sketches include Piers Morgan Cold Open, Drake Bar Mitzvah Monologue, Before They Were Stars, Nancy Grace, Resolution Revolution, Slumber Party, Weekend Update with guests Arianna Huffington and Jacqueline Bisset, Disney World Show, Poetry Teacher, Mornin' Miami, and I Know.
25 Jan. 2014
Jonah Hill/Bastille
Sketches include Men's Figure Skating Cold Open, Jonah Hill Monologue, Benihana, The Hit, Couples Quiz, Weekend Update with guests Olya Povlatsky and The Officer Who Arrested Justin Bieber, Stable, Spike Jonze Trailer, Boss Dinner, Inside SoCal, and Lamborghini.
1 Feb. 2014
Melissa McCarthy/Imagine Dragons
Sketches include Halftime Spectacular Cold Open, Melissa McCarthy Monologue, Valentine's Day Commercial, Delaware One, Women's Group, Guess That Phrase, 28 Reasons, Weekend Update with guests Buford Calloway, Amy Poehler, Bill Hader as Stefon, Andy Samberg and Fred Armisen as Governor Patterson, Art Exhibit, Girlfriends Talk Show, Summer in a Day, and Super Champions.
1 Mar. 2014
Jim Parsons/Beck
Jim Parsons, Emmy-award winning star of "The Big Bang Theory," hosts for the first time, Colin Jost joins Weekend Update as the co-anchor and Beck performed "Blue Moon" and "Wave." Sketches included Cold Open: The Ellen Degeneres Show, Jim Parsons Monologue, Peter Pan, Bird Bible, Dance Floor Killer, 12 Years Audition, Weekend Update: Charles Barkley, Shaquille O'Neil, and 1860s movie critic Jebidiah Atkinson, Murder Mystery, Spotlightz Acting Camp, Elevator, and Cowboys.
8 Mar. 2014
Lena Dunham/The National
Lena Dunham, Golden Globe winning creator and star of HBO's "Girls," hosts for the first time, and The National performed "Graceless" and "I Need My Girl." Sketches included Obama Ukraine Address, Lena Dunham Monologue, Ooh Child, Scandal, What's Poppin', Biblical Movie, What Are You Even Doing, Weekend Update: Matthew McConaughey and Vladimir Putin's Best Friends Growing Up, Jewelry Party, The Katt Williams Show, and Over Explainers
29 Mar. 2014
Louis C.K./Sam Smith
Louis C.K., Emmy award winning creator and star of FX's "Louis," hosts for the second time, and Sam Smith performed "Stay With Me" and "Lay Me Down." Sketches included Meeting , Louis C.K. Monologue , Black Jeopardy, Office Boss Baby, Jos A. Bank Cleaning Product, Weekend Update: Steven A. Smith, Mr. Big Stuff, Darth Vader Action Figure, Private Eyes, Dyke and Fats, Chris for President, and Romantic Speech.
5 Apr. 2014
Anna Kendrick/Pharrell Williams
Anna Kendrick, Academy Award nominated actress, hosts for the first time, and Pharrell Williams performed "Happy" and "Marilyn Monroe." Sketches included GM Hearings, Anna Kendrick Monologue, Fox & Friends, Dongs All Over the World, Little Mermaid, Flirty, Weekend Update: German Chancellor Angela Merkel and George R.R. Martin, French Dance, Principal Frye Field Trip, Big Joe, Twins, and Best of the Whites.
12 Apr. 2014
Seth Rogen/Ed Sheeran
Seth Rogen, Emmy and Golden Globe nominated star of the upcoming Neighbors, hosts for the third time, and Ed Sheeran performed "Sing" and "Don't" for the 8H audience. Sketches included GOP at Coachella Cold Open, Seth Rogen Journal Monologue, Shallon: Drug Safety, CNN Pregnancy Test, Steakhouse, Monster Pals, Blue River Dog Food, Weekend Update: David Ortiz and Jacob the Bar Mitzvah Boy, Engagement Party, Undercover Sharpton, 420, and Herman & Sons.
3 May 2014
Andrew Garfield/Coldplay
Andrew Garfield, star of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, hosts for the first time, while Coldplay makes their fifth appearance on Saturday Night Live, performing "Magic" and "A Sky Full of Stars." Sketches include Donald Sterling Press Conference Cold Open, Andrew Garfield Monologue, Stanx, Celebrity Family Feud, Oliver, The Beygency, Spider-Man Kiss, Wedding, and The Bird Bible.
10 May 2014
Charlize Theron/The Black Keys
Fourteen years after her first time hosting, A Million Ways to Die in the West star Charlize Theron returns to Saturday Night Live, joined by musical guest The Black Keys. Sketches include Michelle/Hillary Mother's Day Address Cold Open, Charlize Theron Monologue, Mother's Day Game Show, Girlfriends Talk Show with Charlize Theron, Dragon Babies, Heshy: Dating Seminar, Weekend Update: Barbara Walters, Weekend Update: Drunk Uncle on Graduation, Bikini Beach Party, Pet Rescue Commercial, and Tourists.
17 May 2014
Andy Samberg/St. Vincent
Former Saturday Night Live cast member Andy Samberg returns to host for the first time, while musical guest St. Vincent makes her SNL debut. Sketches include Jay-Z & Solange Message Cold Open, Andy Samberg Impressions Monologue, Camp Wicawabe, Digital Short: When Will the Bass Drop?, Confident Hunchback, Weekend Update: Bruce Chandling, Weekend Update: Get in the Cage, Kissing Family with Andy Samberg, Kimye Talk Show, Digital Short: Hugs, Legolas at Taco Bell, Blizzard Man, Bvlgari, Weekend Update: Magic Johnson (Dress Version), and Testicules (Dress Version).
27 Sep. 2014
Chris Pratt/Ariana Grande
Guardians of the Galaxy star Chris Pratt hosts Saturday Night Live's 40th season premiere with musical guest Ariana Grade. Sketches include CNN State of the Union - NFL Cold Open, Chris Pratt Monologue, Cialis Turnt, He-Man & Lion-O, Vet Office, Marvel Trailer, Weekend Update: The Girl You Wish You Hadn't Started a Conversation With at a Party, Weekend Update: Leslie Jones on Relationships, Weekend Update: Pete Davidson Talks Business, Booty Rap, Bad Boys, NFL Intros, and Video Game.
4 Oct. 2014
Sarah Silverman/Maroon 5
Saturday Night Live alum Sarah Silverman returns as host while musical guest Maroon 5 makes their fifth appearance on the show. Sketches include Obama 60 Minutes Cold Open, Sarah Silverman Monologue, Fault in Our Stars Trailer, Joan Rivers, Whites, Forgotten TV Gems, Weekend Update: Reverend Al Sharpton, Weekend Update: What You Can Say, Weekend Update: Garage and Her, Proud Mary, Car Ride, Poem, and Vitamix.
11 Oct. 2014
Bill Hader/Hozier
Bill Hader makes his hosting debut alongside musical guest Hozier. Sketches include Kim Jong Un Cold Open, Bill Hader Monologue, Herb Welch: Virginity Pledge Rally, The Group Hopper, Hollywood Game Night, 39 Cents, Jan Hooks Tribute: Love Is A Dream, Weekend Update: Pete Davidson on Gold Chains, Weekend Update: Stefon Returns, Puppet Class, Inside SoCal 2 with Bill Hader, Cat, and Cut For Time: Coal Miners.
25 Oct. 2014
Jim Carrey/Iggy Azalea
Jim Carrey returns as host for the third time while musical guest Iggy Azalea makes her SNL debut. Sketches include Ebola Czar Cold Open, Jim Carrey Halloween Monologue, Lincoln Ad, Carrey Family Reunion, Graveyard Song, Weekend Update: Romantic Comedy Expert, Weekend Update: Drunk Uncle on Halloween, Secret Billionaire, Ghost Chasers, High School, Halloween Party, and Geoff's Halloween Emporium.
1 Nov. 2014
Chris Rock/Prince
Former cast member Chris Rock hosts for the second time while Prince performs a special medley set. Sketches include Christie Cold Open, Chris Rock Monologue, Vlog, GoProbe, How's He Doing with Chris Rock, Weekend Update: Katt Williams and Suge Knight, Weekend Update: Pete Davidson on STD Prevention, Shark Tank, Swiftamine, The Couple, Robbers, and Women in the Workplace.
15 Nov. 2014
Woody Harrelson/Kendrick Lamar
Woody Harrelson hosts Saturday Night Live for the third time and Kendrick Lamar performs. Sketches include A Drink at the White House, 1989 Monologue, The Dudleys, Match'd, A New Day, Football Halftime Speech, Duets Album, Weekend Update: Leslie Jones on Crazy Bitches, Weekend Update: Matthew McConaughey & Woody Harrelson, Old New York, Campfire Song, and Last Call with Woody Harrelson.
22 Nov. 2014
Cameron Diaz/Mark Ronson & Bruno Mars
Cameron Diaz hosts Saturday Night Live for the fourth time while Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars serve as musical guest. Sketches include Capitol Hill Cold Open, Cameron Diaz Monologue, Back Home Ballers, New Annie, Nest-spresso, High School Theater Show, Weekend Update: Angela Merkel on the G20 Summit, Weekend Update: Charles Manson and Star Burton, Office Boss, Dr. Dave & Buggles, The Fight, Poetry Class, and Night Murmurs.
6 Dec. 2014
James Franco/Nicki Minaj
James Franco hosts Saturday Night Live for the third time while Nicki Minaj makes her second appearance as musical guest. Sketches include Politics Nation Cold Open, James Franco Monologue, Peter Pan Live!, Star Wars Teaser, Jingle Ballerz Special, Grow-a-Guy, Magic Bridge, Weekend Update: Anthony Crispino, Weekend Update: Leslie Jones on, Weekend Update: Kim Kardashian, Brain Space, Kid Mayor, and Porn Stars with James Franco and Seth Rogen.
13 Dec. 2014
Martin Freeman/Charli XCX
Martin Freeman makes his Saturday Night Live hosting debut while Charli XCX serves as musical guest. Sketches include Charlie Rose Cold Open, Martin Freeman Monologue, Sump'n Claus, Wedding Objections, Hobbit Office, Right Side of the Bed, Church, Weekend Update: Sasheer Zamata, Weekend Update: One-Dimensional Female Character from a Male Driven Comedy, Weekend Update: Jacob the Bar Mitzvah Boy on Hanukkah, Assembly Line, Holiday Gig, and Waterbed Commercial.
20 Dec. 2014
Amy Adams/One Direction
Amy Adams returns to host Saturday Night Live while One Direction makes their third appearance as musical guest. Sketches include Sam Smith/Dr. Evil Cold Open, Amy Adams Christmas Monologue, Asian American Doll, Tenderfield Video Christmas Card, Christmas Serial, Girlfriends Talk Show with Amy Adams and One Direction, Office Christmas Party, Weekend Update: Kim Jong-un, Weekend Update: Willie, Weekend Update: Garth and Kat's Hanukkah Album, A Very Cuban Christmas, Singing Sisters, and Cat Rescue Commercial with Amy Adams.

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