The Taking of Pelham One Two Three (1974) Poster


Before this train reaches the next station it will become the scene of the most spectacular hijack ever attempted
1:23pm. Grand Central Station, New York. A packed commuter train is hijacked. A ransom is set - at one million dollars. The subway is a closed system. For the four hijackers, surely there is no way out. But they have a deadly plan...
Pelham One Two Three Was the Name of a New York Subway Train...And the Start of a Million Dollar Countdown in Suspense!
What Do the *!!@X!! Passengers Expect for a Lousy 35 Cents - To Live Forever?
We are going to kill one passenger a minute until New York City pays us 1 million dollars.
Everyone read it. Now you can live it.
No other hijack was ever like his

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