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Season 3

12 Sep. 1973
He Who Digs a Grave
Cannon investigates an alleged murder-suicide involving rich and powerful families in a small town.
19 Sep. 1973
Memo from a Dead Man
After swerving down a mountain road for several miles, Walter Shaw drives his Jaguar sedan into a ravine and is killed. By the terms of his will, Cannon is hired to determine if one of his beneficiaries was responsible.
26 Sep. 1973
Hounds of Hell
Cannon is hired to investigate two fatal dog attacks on former Vietnam combat unit members, and to stop another attack.
3 Oct. 1973
Target in the Mirror
Cannon turns down a client, and when she is killed in her house shortly after his visit, he is drawn into both her murder investigation and the reason she called him.
10 Oct. 1973
Murder by Proxy
Cannon is hired by a woman who was slipped a mickey at a bar and then framed for murder.
17 Oct. 1973
Night Flight to Murder
Cannon is hired by an insurance company to investigate the disappearance, while on final approach at a small Utah airstrip, of a twin-engine plane that was carrying $3 million of negotiable bonds.
24 Oct. 1973
Come Watch Me Die
A convicted murderer escapes from the state hospital for the criminally insane, and Cannon is hired to find him before the police do.
31 Oct. 1973
Perfect Alibi
A businessman's office is burglarized, the safe cracked, and the cash payroll stolen. A former business partner is the obvious suspect, due to his knowledge of the office layout and safe combination, but he has an alibi: he was in prison at the time.
7 Nov. 1973
Dead Lady's Tears
A man's model/girlfriend is murdered in her apartment shortly after she tells him she's leaving for a New York job, and he hires Cannon to exonerate him.
14 Nov. 1973
The Limping Man
A man with a limp is intercepted at the airport by police, but he inexplicably escapes while held at gunpoint by a cop, an old police buddy of Cannon's.
21 Nov. 1973
Trial by Terror
When a criminal on trial, kidnaps the daughter of the judge to get him to dismiss the case. He then calls Frank to find his daughter before he is forced to make that choice.
28 Nov. 1973
Murder by the Numbers
A wealthy middle-aged woman's fiancé disappears shortly before their scheduled wedding, and she hires Cannon to find him.
5 Dec. 1973
Valley of the Damned
A man from a Montana Indian reservation is accused of a murder at the airplane hangar where he works, and the local Indian Center hires Cannon to investigate.
12 Dec. 1973
A Well Remembered Terror
A young couple hires Cannon to find out why they are being terrorized by a mysterious stranger. Cannon discovers the answer goes back three years to an unsolved hijacking.
19 Dec. 1973
Arena of Fear
Ron Johnson, a prizefighter training for an upcoming bout, punches a heckler in a tavern and kills him. The niece of Ron's trainer hires Cannon to sort out the case.
2 Jan. 1974
Photo Finish
Cannon is hired by General O'Hara to find who killed his brother, Paul Dunbar, several years before.
16 Jan. 1974
Duel in the Desert
Cannon is hired to handle a nighttime ransom delivery. After being led to various isolated phone booths by the kidnapper, Frank is slugged by the kidnapper's henchman, but he escapes and awakens the next morning in the desert with no memory of who he is or why he is there.
6 Feb. 1974
Where's Jennifer?
A wealthy young woman hires Cannon to find her sister Jennifer, who supposedly drowned five years ago.
6 Feb. 1974
Blood Money
A young doctor arrives at a prison to examine a prisoner. During the examination the prisoner reaches into the doctor's bag and removes a pistol. Cannon is hired to prove the doctor was an unwitting participant in the attempted jailbreak.
13 Feb. 1974
Death of a Hunter
Malcolm Lawrence is killed at his African wildlife park by a lion that was supposedly tranquilized, and his wife hires Cannon to find out if he was murdered.
20 Feb. 1974
The Cure That Kills
Cannon investigates the death of two women who were connected to a faith healer who preaches to his flock that modern medicine is the work of Satan. A young man with a brain tumor may be the next victim.
27 Feb. 1974
Bobby Loved Me
A small-time con man is murdered, and his girlfriend hires Cannon to find the killer.
13 Mar. 1974
Triangle of Terror
Cannon is called to the West Indies by Jackie Akers to investigate the death of her father, Sir Arnold Masters.
20 Mar. 1974
The Stalker
While on a vacation at a remote fishing lodge, Cannon is stalked by an escaped serial murderer.

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