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James Fox: Chas



  • Chas : I need a bohemian atmosphere! I'm an artist, Mr. Turner. Like yourself.

    Turner : You - juggle.

  • [Chas flicks his cigarette ash onto a rug] 

    Turner : That rug's over two hundred years old.

    Chas : Yeah, it looks it.

  • Chas : [to Mick Jagger]  You're a comical little geezer. You'll look funny when you're fifty.

  • Chas : America's a blinding place for nightlife.

  • Pherber : I don't recognize your voice.

    Chas : Well, I've been away, haven't I?

    Pherber : And I don't recognize your face.

    Chas : You should see my motor.

    Pherber : [looks at Chas quizzically] 

    Chas : My motor. Had an argument with a cement wall on the way over. Goodbye the Ferrari.

  • Chas : I am a bullet.

  • Chas : [on the phone]  What a freak show.

    Tony Farrell : Well, where are you then?

    Chas : Oh, you know, on the left.

    Tony Farrell : Oh, yeah. Yeah.

    Chas : It's a right piss-hole. Long hair. Beatniks. Druggers. Free love. Foreigners, You name it.

  • Pherber : He wants to know why your show is a bigger turn-on than his ever was!

    Chas : How should I know?

  • Chas : You stinking foreign parasite!

  • The Lawyer : Now, look here, I'm Mr. Fraser's Counsel and I warn you...

    Chas : I know that. Now, shut your hole, Mr. Counsel!

  • Chas : I said shut your bloody hole!

  • Chas : He's a lyin' slag! He's a grass and you know it and I know it!

  • Chas : Lovely, Harry, I'll learn him.

  • Turner : There's been a mistake. You can't have the room.

    Chas : What?

    Turner : It's not for rent.

    Chas : What a minute. The lady's just said...

    Turner : The Lady said? I don't tell her everything. She's just my secretary. I've got a lot of work to do. I'm under a lot of pressure.

  • Chas : Personally, I just - you know - perform.

  • Chas : Why don't you - play us a tune, pal?

    Turner : I don't like music.

    Chas : Comical little geezer. You'll look funny when your fifty.

  • Turner : If you were me, what would you do?

    Chas : I don't know. It depends. It depends who you are. So, I don't know.

    Turner : Who I am? Do you know who you are?

  • Lorraine : He was very famous. When I was little he was a chartbuster.

    Chas : They come and they go. Pop stars. He had a following. I never fancied his stuff myself.

  • Chas : Is that why he's got a secretary?

    Lorraine : Huh?

    Chas : That foreign bird, you know, not the skinny one, the other one.

    Lorraine : Pherber?


    Lorraine : Pherber's his lover, mate. She cohabits him. She is, in deed. Their love story's famous!

  • Chas : Can I use the blower up here.

    Turner : We haven't got a blower up here.

    Pherber : Huh! What in God's name has he done to his hair?

    Turner : He's blown it.

    Chas : Yeah, well, that's it dear. I got to ring my agent again.

    Turner : I fancy the red.

    Chas : No. No. The red was dye.

    Turner : Dead.

    Chas : Dyed. Red.

    Pherber : Dyed it? Dead!

    Chas : Red! Red!

    Turner : Van Gogh, eh?

  • Chas : No. No. This is the normal.

    Turner : Normal?

    Chas : Yeah. I was just havin' a laugh. Havin' a laugh, you see, with my act. With my image. You know what I mean?

    Turner : Yeah, I know exactly what you mean.

    Chas : I thought you would. Eh, he reckons, my agent, that, time for a change.

    Turner : It was time for a change.

  • Chas : Was it sixty-seven?

    Pherber : Sixty-six!

    Turner : Sixty-nine!

  • Chas : I never wear hats.

    Turner : Not even when performing?

    Chas : Never. No.

  • Turner : [singing]  Woke up this morning, somebody knockin' on my door, Woke up this morning, I said, "Hello, Satan. I believe it's time to go".


    Turner : We push the buttons. He's the horror show. He's an old pro. He can take it. He takes it! He dishes it out too! Bet your sweet fucking life he does. He's a mean bastard.

    Chas : I'm the Lone Ranger.

  • Turner : Time for your new image. It's totally different.

    Pherber : Now we're getting somewhere!

    Chas : America's a blindin' place.

  • Chas : Tomorrow. Tomorrow he learns what's true and what's not.

  • Pherber : Do you like my physique?

    Chas : Yeah. It's in - good condition.

  • Pherber : Did you never have a female feel?

    Chas : No! Never! I feel like a man! A man - all the time.

    Pherber : That's awful. That's what's wrong with you, isn't it?

    Chas : What do you mean?

    Pherber : A man's man's world.

  • Pherber : How do you think Turner feels like, huh?

    Chas : I don't know. He's weird. And you're weird. You're kinky!

    Pherber : He's a man! Male and female man! And he feels like me.

    Chas : No! No he doesn't!

  • Pherber : He's stuck! Stuck!

    Chas : Why?

    Pherber : Why? Because he's lost his demons, that's why. Yeah, he thought he had it under control. Juggling all those balls - millions of them. Until one day he was looking at his favorite mirror, admiring his image, see. And when suddenly he saw, a little clearly, it was just a beautiful, little, freaky, stripy, beast, darling. So, he thought, maybe, maybe its time for a change, he thought. Then, immediately, as he watched, the image faded. His demon had abandoned him! Pluff! He was gone! He's still tryin' to figure out whether he wants it back.

  • Lucy : Tu bien?

    Chas : French, eh?

    Lucy : Yes. I'm French.

    Chas : You're a funny little frog.

  • Chas : He likes foreign birds, that Turner.

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