Sesame Street (TV Series 1969– ) Poster

(1969– )

Fran Brill: Prairie Dawn, Zoe, Muppet, Polly Darton, Arlene Frantic, Betty Lou, Jungle Girl, Little Bird, Big Grad Wolf, Lavender J Friend...



  • Prairie Dawn : [Introducing Bert's play about taking care of one's teeth]  Hello everyone, boys and girls. I want to welcome you and thank you for coming to see today's show. Today's show was written entirely by Bert, and was directed by Bert, and stars none other then our old friend Bert. If the play was just wonderful, you can thank Bert, but if the play was horrible, you have no one but Bert to blame.

    Bert : [after appearing from behind the curtain]  Prairie, will you stop that? Just go to the piano and start the play!

    Prairie Dawn : [quieter]  The stage manager is also Bert.

  • Guy Smiley (1969-1990) : Does anybody know what the of that shape is?

    Betty Lou (1969-2014) : Yes, Of course, Guy. It's a...

    Carl : [Buzzes in] 

    Guy Smiley (1969-1990) : Yes, Carl?

    Carl : Is it a circle?

    [Buzzer Sounds] 

    Betty Lou (1969-2014) : Oh! No!

    Guy Smiley (1969-1990) : Oh, I'm sorry, Carl! But that's the wrong answer!

    Betty Lou (1969-2014) : Don't you get it, Carl. The answer is always the same!

  • Count von Count : Did I say Three?

    Pat Playjacks : Yes!

    Count von Count : I SAID THREE


    Pat Playjacks : That's right. Three squeals, Count Von Count. YOU WON!

    Count von Count : Oh, I won!

    Prairie Dawn : What? He won? Oh no!

    Pat Playjacks : And now, It's time to pick a prize from the studio filled with fabulous prizes and to show them to us is our Co-hostess, Velma Blank. A fifteen gallon tank of finger paint, A hand crafted grapefruit goggle for the protection of that morning squirt, And the larger than life portrait of America's 2nd favorite game show host, Pat Playjacks.

  • Pat Playjacks : Oooooh, I very sorry, Prairie. You guessed ten and there were only five squeals in today's pig, I mean "Squeal of Fortune". That's too bad.

    Prairie Dawn : Oh dear. I guess I didn't win. I don't believe this!

  • [repeated line] 

    Zoe : Don't joke me.

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