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Season 2

9 Oct. 1970
Love and the Hypnotist/Love and the Psychiatrist
A hypnotist act turns a bridegroom into a baby much to his new wife's distress. Dr. Paul Metz, a psychiatrist, urges a patient to run away with his wife not thinking of the consequences.
23 Oct. 1970
Love and the Elopement/Love and the Visitor
A bridegroom ends up in the wrong girl's bedroom.
13 Nov. 1970
Love and the Fur Coat/Love and the Trip
Love and the fur coat follows a guy who's married who also has a girlfriend who claims that he promised to get her a fur coat so he scurries to get one. Love and the Trip have a couple who's son is visiting them and they find he has drugs and they don't know what to do with it. They end up smoking it.
4 Dec. 1970
Love and the Intruder/Love and the Lost Dog
A man's mother uses a "Lost Dog" ad in the paper to attract men to the house.
1 Jan. 1971
Love and the Kidnapper
An inept kidnapper grabs a spoiled housewife, hoping for a big payday from the woman's wealthy husband. Things don't go quite according to plan.
15 Jan. 1971
Love and Operation Model/Love and the Sack
A cheating couple each try to hide their lovers in a wall bed which quickly gets overcrowded.
5 Feb. 1971
Love and the Arctic Station/Love and the Pulitzer Prize/Love and the Tattoo
In Love and the Arctic Station, three men who have been at an Arctic Station for a long time and are starting to go nuts because they haven't seen a woman since they've been there. But they get word that someone called Miss August is going to pay them a visit and they each think it's a pin up girl each of them are infatuated with. In Love and the Pulitzer Prize, an author who still lives with his mother is approached by an actress who wants to have his baby. When he tells his mother, she objects to having a baby out of wedlock. So she follows them to where they are ...

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