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1 Jan. 1970
Samantha's Better Halves
Darrin is pulled between going to Japan and staying home with the new baby so Endora tries to help by splitting him into two people.
8 Jan. 1970
Samantha's Lost Weekend
Samantha drinks the milk that was hexed by Esmeralda and goes on an eating binge.
15 Jan. 1970
The Phrase Is Familiar
After learning that plays on words helps Darrin in his line of work, Endora casts a spell that makes Darrin speak only in clichés ... whether she meant to pick on Darrin or not, Endora ends up helping Darrin in the end after all.
22 Jan. 1970
Samantha's Secret Is Discovered
Samantha finally shows her powers to her mother-in-law. After Sam's powers are removed and Phyllis can't prove it to her husband, Phyllis has herself committed to a rest home.
29 Jan. 1970
Tabitha's Very Own Samantha
As Samantha has too much work with the new baby to spend time with her, Tabitha conjures up her own Samantha.
5 Feb. 1970
Super Arthur
To help with Uncle Arthur's ailing magic, Doctor Bombay gives him a pill that makes Arthur turn into anything he thinks of including the character Superman.
12 Feb. 1970
What Makes Darrin Run?
Endora gives Darrin a dose of push and drive and ends up ignoring his family.
19 Feb. 1970
Serena Stops the Show
Serena zaps away Boyce and Hart's popularity so that they will play the Cosmo Cotillion in the witchy realm. Unfortunately Darrin had just talked his client into using this 'hot' group in a television special.
26 Feb. 1970
Just a Kid Again
When a store clerk wishes that he was a kid again, Tabitha grants his wish.
5 Mar. 1970
The Generation Zap
Endora hexes the daughter of Darrin's client so that she has the hots for Darrin.
12 Mar. 1970
Okay, Who's the Wise Witch?
Samantha her family, and every witch they summon are trapped inside the house. No one knows why.
19 Mar. 1970
A Chance on Love
Darrin's client falls for Samantha thinking that she is Serena.
26 Mar. 1970
If the Shoe Pinches
A leprechaun sent by Endora gives Darrin a pair of shoes that make him terminally lazy.
2 Apr. 1970
Mona Sammy
Endora zaps in a picture of Samantha's look-a-like aunt (Serena's mother?) painted by Leonardo Da Vinci and then puts Darrin's name on it. Larry demands that he paint Louise's picture.
9 Apr. 1970
Turn on That Old Charm
Samantha gives Darrin an amulet that makes Endora be nice and courteous around him. After Endora realizes the trick, she makes Samantha and Darrin constantly bicker.
16 Apr. 1970
Make Love Not Hate
Trouble abounds when a love potion meant for Esmeralda ends up in the clam dip at the Stephens' party.
24 Sep. 1970
To Go or Not to Go, That Is the Question
Queen Hepzibah summons Samantha to a witch's meeting in Salem, Massachusetts, but she refuses, prompting Hepzibah to visit the Stephens and observe their marriage.
1 Oct. 1970
Salem, Here We Come
During Hepzibah's observation of Samantha's marriage to Darrin, she meets one of Darrin's clients, whom Samantha makes fall in love with Hepzibah. Afterwards, the Stephens decide to leave for Salem together.
8 Oct. 1970
The Salem Saga
On their first day in Salem, Samantha is in trouble as an antique bed-warmer starts to follow her around.
15 Oct. 1970
Samantha's Hot Bedwarmer
In part 2, the antique bed warmer turns out to be a rejected suitor of Serena's who must return to 17th century Salem to undo her hex.
22 Oct. 1970
Darrin on a Pedestal
While sight-seeing with Serena in Massachusetts, she brings the Fisherman's Memorial to life and replaces the statue with Darrin.
29 Oct. 1970
Paul Revere Rides Again
Through another goof by Esmerelda in trying to return a Paul Revere teapot, she zaps up the real Paul Revere and his horse.
5 Nov. 1970
Samantha's Bad Day in Salem
Waldo, an old flame of Samantha's, conjures a fake adoring Samantha who is seen by Larry. When Darrin confronts Waldo, he is turned into a crow.
12 Nov. 1970
Samantha's Old Salem Trip
When Sam and Darrin abruptly return home Sam is summoned back by the Witches Council. Esmerelda hastily sends Sam back to Salem - seventeenth century Salem.
19 Nov. 1970
Samantha's Pet Warlock
A warlock who has come to 'save' Sam from her mortal marriage turns himself into an unusual dog that helps Darrin with an account.
3 Dec. 1970
Samantha's Old Man
After another argument with Darrin, Endora turns him into an old man, which forces him to pose as his grandfather Grover Stephens and causes all sorts of complications.
10 Dec. 1970
The Corsican Cousins
Endora zaps Samantha so that she feels everything that Serena feels both physically and emotionally.
17 Dec. 1970
Samantha's Magic Potion
When a discouraged Darrin asks for a potion to burst his creativity and give him confidence, Samantha slips him a placebo.
24 Dec. 1970
Sisters at Heart
When Tabitha wants to be sisters with her black friend Lisa, she casts a spell and they both end up polka-dotted. Through another misunderstanding Darrin's client wants him off the account because he thinks that Lisa is his daughter.

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