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2 Jan. 1969
Samantha's Super Maid
Darrin's mother hires a maid for Samantha.
9 Jan. 1969
Cousin Serena Strikes Again: Part 1
Serena turns Darrin's Italian client into a chimpanzee.
16 Jan. 1969
Cousin Serena Strikes Again: Part 2
Serena turns Darrin's Italian client into a chimpanzee.
23 Jan. 1969
One Touch of Midas
Endora conjures up a little toy that enchants any human who sees it and is guaranteed to make Darrin and his partners very wealthy.
30 Jan. 1969
Samantha, the Bard
Samantha has contracted a virus that has her talking in rhyme ..all the time.
6 Feb. 1969
Samantha, the Sculptress
When Samantha decides to take up sculpting, Endora zaps up two talking busts of Darrin and Larry Tate.
13 Feb. 1969
Mrs. Stephens, Where Are You?
Serena turns Darrin's mother into a cat.
20 Feb. 1969
Marriage Witch's Style
Serena wants to try mortal men and gets a date through a computer dating service.
27 Feb. 1969
Going Ape
Samantha turns a chimp into a human who immediately gets a job as a model.
6 Mar. 1969
Tabitha's Weekend
The Stephens insist that their grandchild Tabitha spend the weekend with them. To avert any magical disasters Samantha and Endora join them resulting the adults' squabbling. To escape the problems Tabitha disappears by turning herself into a cookie. Endora makes a marijuana reference by asking Phyllis if her cookies were from an Alice B. Toklas recipe.
13 Mar. 1969
The Battle of Burning Oak
Samantha takes on the snooty Burning Oaks Country Club after Endora turns Darrin into a snob.
20 Mar. 1969
Samantha's Power Failure
After Samantha's powers are stripped by the Witches Council, Uncle Arthur and Serena give Sam their support and end up losing their powers. Arthur and Serena try and get a job to make it in the mortal world.
27 Mar. 1969
Samantha Twitches for UNICEF
Samantha fools with the life of a man who refuses to donate to UNICEF.
3 Apr. 1969
Daddy Does His Thing
After refusing a magical gift from Maurice, Darrin is turned into a chess playing donkey.
10 Apr. 1969
Samantha's Good News
Endora and Maurice fight over his new secretary.
17 Apr. 1969
Samantha's Shopping Spree
Problems occur when Samantha's cousin Henry goes shopping with Samantha and Endora.
24 Apr. 1969
Samantha and Darrin in Mexico City
When a nervous Darrin has to speak Spanish before a meeting in Mexico City, Endora casts a spell to make all his fears disappear. Unfortunately Darrin completely disappears because he is all fear.
18 Sep. 1969
Sam and the Beanstalk
Sam must retrieve Tabitha who has run away into the book 'Jack and the Beanstalk.'
25 Sep. 1969
Samantha's Yoo Hoo Maid
Enter Esmeralda as Samantha's magical maid who has a tendency to make things appear when she sneezes and fades out at the sight of mortal Darrin.
2 Oct. 1969
Samantha's Caesar Salad
Bumbling Esmeralda zaps up Julius Caesar instead of a Caesar Salad.
9 Oct. 1969
Samantha's Curious Cravings
Correcting Sam's cravings which make the food she desires magically appear, Doctor Bombay reverses the spell, but accidentally makes Sam travel to the food.
16 Oct. 1969
And Something Makes Four
After Samantha gives birth to her son, Maurice casts a spell that makes all who gaze on him fall in love with the child.
23 Oct. 1969
Naming Samantha's New Baby
Angry that the new male child is not named after him, Maurice zaps Darrin into the mirror until the situation is corrected to his satisfaction. The child is finally named Adam.
30 Oct. 1969
To Trick-Or-Treat or Not to Trick-Or-Treat
For participating in Halloween trick-or-treating and disrespecting witches in general, Endora turns Darrin into a stereotypical Halloween witch.
6 Nov. 1969
A Bunny for Tabitha
While performing magic tricks for the neighborhood children, Uncle Arthur produces a "cocktail bunny" instead of a "cottontail bunny" with whom Darren's client falls in love.
13 Nov. 1969
Samantha's Secret Spell
Sam must make Darrin go through some strange things to prevent him from turning into a mouse at midnight.
20 Nov. 1969
Daddy Comes to Visit
Maurice comes for a visit and gives Darrin a magical charm challenging Darrin to try their lifestyle instead of just condemning it. Maurice also gives Darrin a warlock's point of view on the subject.
27 Nov. 1969
Darrin the Warlock
Samantha is worried about Darrin who seems to be enjoying his new found powers too much.
4 Dec. 1969
Sam's Double Mother Trouble
Mother Goose arrives courtesy of one of Esmeralda's goofs at the same time that Darrin's mother makes a surprised visit.
11 Dec. 1969
You're So Agreeable
Darrin is turned into the ultimate yes-man by Endora until she reverses the spell.
18 Dec. 1969
Santa Comes to Visit and Stays and Stays
Esmeralda goofs and zaps up Santa Claus on Christmas Eve who finds that he can't leave. Samantha brings his elves to him turning their house into Santa's toy shop.

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