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Season 8

15 Sep. 1971
How Not to Lose Your Head to Henry VIII: Part 1
While vacationing in England Samantha frees a trapped nobleman from a painting. The witch who trapped him punishes Sam by sending her back to the time of Henry the VIII. While Henry wants to make Sam his next queen, Darren must travel to the sixteenth century and rescue her.
22 Sep. 1971
How Not to Lose Your Head to Henry VIII: Part 2
In the second part, Darrin and Endora rescue Sam by Darrin competing in a wrestling match with Henry the VIII.
29 Sep. 1971
Samantha and the Loch Ness Monster
The Loch Ness monster is really one of Serena's old suiters. After Sam gets Serena to turn him back, he turns Serena into a mermaid.
6 Oct. 1971
Samantha's Not So Leaning Tower of Pisa
While in Pisa, Esmeralda corrects one of her former goof-ups by straightening the Leaning Tower of Pisa.
13 Oct. 1971
Bewitched, Bothered and Baldoni
In Rome, Endora brings a statue of Venus to life to tempt Darrin.
20 Oct. 1971
Paris, Witches Style
In Paris, Endora zaps up a fake Darrin to appease an irate Maurice who is angry as they did not visit him while in London. The real Darrin shows up and Maurice zaps him onto the top of the Eiffel Tower.
27 Oct. 1971
The Ghost Who Made a Spectre of Himself
When visiting a castle in England, Darrin is possessed by a ghost who wants to get closer to Samantha. After he is rejected as Darrin, he makes a pass at Louise Tate.
3 Nov. 1971
TV or Not TV
Tabitha temporarily becomes a TV star when she pops into a children's show to reprimand two aggressive puppets.
10 Nov. 1971
A Plague on Maurice and Samantha
After Samantha loses her powers, Maurice visits and comes down with the same affliction.
17 Nov. 1971
Hansel and Gretel in Samanthaland
After Tabitha zaps Hansel and Gretel out of the story, Samantha must enter it to go after the runaway Tabitha.
1 Dec. 1971
The Warlock in the Gray Flannel Suit
Endora causes trouble at McMann and Tate when she has a warlock join the firm.
8 Dec. 1971
The Eight Year Itch Witch
Endora summons a witch named Ophelia to tempt Darren.
15 Dec. 1971
Three Men and a Witch on a Horse
After Endora gives Darrin a gambling addiction, she makes sure his horse will lose the race. Sam convinces the horse to win.
29 Dec. 1971
Adam, Warlock or Washout
Adam is to be tested for magic powers and if he is normal, he is to be taken away from Sam and Darrin.
5 Jan. 1972
Samantha's Magic Sitter
When Esmeralda babysits for Mr. Norton, one of Darrin's clients, trouble ensues after she performs magic for Norton's son.
15 Jan. 1972
Samantha Is Earthbound
After Samantha finds herself weighing hundreds of pounds, Doctor Bombay's cure makes her weightless just before she has to participate in a charity bazaar.
22 Jan. 1972
Serena's Richcraft
Powerless Serena falls for Darrin's rich client.
29 Jan. 1972
Samantha on Thin Ice
While Tabitha is taking beginning skating lessons Endora bewitches her skates turning into a championship skater.
5 Feb. 1972
Serena's Youth Pill
Serena gives Larry Tate a "youth pill" that makes him younger and younger.
12 Feb. 1972
Tabitha's First Day at School
During Tabitha's first day at school, she turns a bully into a frog.
19 Feb. 1972
George Washington Zapped Here: Part 1
Helping Tabitha with a school project, Esmerelda zaps up the real George Washington. When he wanders from the Stephens' home, he is arrested for public speaking without a permit.
26 Feb. 1972
George Washington Zapped Here: Part 2
In part two, George Washington goes in front of a judge and is exonerated by telling the truth.
4 Mar. 1972
School Days, School Daze
When Tabitha is worried about taking an intelligence test, Endora casts a spell and turns her into a genius.
11 Mar. 1972
A Good Turn Never Goes Unpunished
When Sam makes some suggestions for Darrin's ad campaign, he rejects them thinking that they are the product of witchcraft.
18 Mar. 1972
Sam's Witchcraft Blows a Fuse
After drinking a "The Heavenly Himalayana" at a Chinese restaurant, Sam loses her powers and stripes breakout on her face.
25 Mar. 1972
The Truth, Nothing But the Truth, So Help Me, Sam
Endora gives Darrin a pin that makes anyone who comes near him tell the truth.

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