La Strada (1954) Poster


Richard Basehart: The Fool



  • The Fool : If you won't stay with him, who will? I'm an ignorant man, but I've read a book or two. You may not believe it, but everything in this world has a purpose. Even this pebble, for example.

    Gelsomina : Which one?

    The Fool : This one. Any one. But even this one has a purpose.

    Gelsomina : What's its purpose?

    The Fool : Its purpose is - how should I know? If I knew, I'd be...

    Gelsomina : Who?

    The Fool : The Almighty, who knows everything. When you're born. When you die. Who knows? No, I don't know what this pebble's purpose is, but it must have one, because if this pebble has no purpose, then everything is pointless. Even the stars! At least, I think so. And you too. You have a purpose too.

  • The Fool : Maybe he likes you?

    Gelsomina : Zampanò... likes me?

    The Fool : Why not? He's like a dog. Ever see those dogs who look like they want to speak, but all they do is bark?

  • The Fool : What a funny face! Are you a woman, really? Or an artichoke?

  • The Fool : Don't wait for me to finish. You have to interrupt me! And I told you to blow it over here, silly girl!

  • The Fool : What if I asked you to come with me? I'll teach you to walk the tightrope, way up in the air, with all the lights on you. I have a car. We'd be traveling all the time. We'd have a world of fun. Would you iike that? But no. "Nothing." You have to stay with Zampanò and perform his ridiculous stunts and let him beat you like a donkey. Such is life.

  • The Fool : Hey, you broke my watch!

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