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  • In 1850 Oregon, backwoodsman Adam Pontipee (Howard Keel) wants a wife, so he goes into the nearby town and convinces Milly (Jane Powell) to marry him. Unfortunately, he forgets to disclose to her that he also lives with six ill-mannered brothers. Undaunted, Milly sets out to educate his brothers—Benjamin (Jeff Richards), Caleb (Matt Mattox), Daniel (Marc Platt), Ephraim (Jacques d'Amboise), Frank (Tommy Rall), and Gideon (Russ Tamblyn)—so that they can attract wives of their own. However, what Millly wants is Adam's love...not to be cook and maid to his household. Edit

  • Seven Brides for Seven Brothers is based on the short story "The Sobbin' Women" by American author Stephen Vincent Benét who based his story on an ancient Roman legend of the Rape of the Sabine Women. The screenplay was written by American screenwriters Albert Hackett, Frances Good rich, and Dorothy Kingsley. Edit

  • After a long, snowy winter, spring comes at last, and Milly gives birth to a daughter. Gideon rides up to the trapping cabin in an attempt to get Adam to return, if even just to see his daughter. Adam refuses, certain that it's a trick on Milly's part to get him to come home. He says that he intends to stay there until the pass opens. When the pass does open, he rides back down to the house and is surprised to find that Milly has actually given birth. When asked what Milly has named the baby, she replies, "I was thinking some name like Hannan or Hagar or Hepzibah, picking up where your mother left off." They decide on Hannah, and Adam admits that he wouldn't like it if someone just carried Hannah off, so he's decided to take the girls back to their families. He needn't have bothered. As the brothers try to round up the girls, who don't want to go back, their fathers are already on their way. Just before the townsfolk prepare to hang the brothers, Alice's father asks whose baby he heard crying a little while ago. The girls look at each other slyly and then simultaneously claim the baby as their own. The final scene shows the girls standing in a line with the brothers behind them. Behind the brothers stand the girls' fathers, shotguns in hand, while Alice's father (who happens to be a preacher, pronounces them "men and wives." Edit



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