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10 Jan. 1954
Hosts: Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis; guest: Franklin Pangborn, The Modernaires
Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis star with guests Franklin Pangborn, Duke Art Jr., Birdie Brickerbrack, The Modernaires, and Dick Stabile and his Orchestra. Dean's attempt to sing is disrupted by Jerry's lousy trumpet playing. A movie executive and his entourage come backstage to discuss business, and leave covered in food and water. Jerry destroys a store's toy department and clerk Franklin Pangborn. Jerry mugs to Leroy Anderson's "The Typewriter." The Modernaires sing "Crazy Man, Crazy" and Martin performs "Pretty Baby." Jerry presents Dean with a gold record for "That's...
21 Feb. 1954
Episode #4.21
Gene Wesson hosts with guests Bud Abbott and Lou Costello, skater Sonja Henie, comic/singer Keefe Brasselle, with Carolyn Jones, Joyce Jameson, Michael Ross, Will J. White, Jud Conlon Singers, Norman Abbott, Glen Stangle, and announcer Hal Sawyer. Wesson and Brasselle perform dueling impressions, a sketch depicts a mob-run coffee shop, and Abbott and Costello encounter the Frankenstein Monster and the Gill Man in the Universal Studios' prop room.
28 Feb. 1954
Anything Goes
On an ocean liner, a nightclub singer tries to help a fellow American romance an English heiress who is being forced to return home to marry a man she doesn't love. The American must avoid his boss who is traveling on the same vessel and disguises himself as a gangster traveling with a minister who is, in fact, a disguised gangster on the lam.
21 Mar. 1954
Episode #4.25
Jerry is the newest a shy new member.
18 Apr. 1954
Episode #4.28
In the volatile South American land of "Bullonia", Bud and Lou are broke. To escape their creditors, the put on disguises from some found clothes, Bud in a caballero outfit, and Lou in an exaggerated old time general's uniform. This causes him to be mistaken for the country's despotic presidente, and puts him in the center of several assassination attempts by poison, bombs and flying knives.
2 May 1954
Episode #4.30
Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis host with guests Dick Humphreys, Gretchen Houser, The Treniers, Robert Carson, Henry Slate, Frances Farwell, Helen Eby-Rock, John Harmon, Bobby Fain, Charles Williams, and announcer Hal Sawyer. They boys mark their 8th anniversary as a comedy team. They first meet at an Atlantic City nightclub where they're quickly fired as waiter and busboy. They encounter each other again at a music store which they promptly wreck. After being canned, they team up for a show biz act. They join the Treniers to dance in the close.
9 May 1954
Episode #4.31
Jimmy Durante's last episode as a series host finds him surrounded by circus performers. He gets into the act in a sketch playing a clown who is hopelessly in love with a beautiful lion tamer (played by Shelley Winters).
16 May 1954
guests Milton Berle, Eddie Fisher, Connie Russell
Host Eddie Cantor welcomes guests Milton Berle, Eddie Fisher and Connie Russell.
30 May 1954
Episode #4.34
Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis host with The Skylarks, Byron Kane, Mary Ellen Kaye, Paul Power, and Dick Stabile and his Orchestra. Songs include "That's Entertainment," "Every Street's a Boulevard" and "Money Burns a Hole in my Pocket. Jerry's a hotel bellhop who destroys honeymoon night for Dean and his new bride. Jerry conducts a glee club. At a lonely heart's club meeting, Jerry is the newest a shy new member.
8 Aug. 1954
Episode #4.44
Performers from Hollywood include The Will Mastin Trio (starring Sammy Davis Jr.), singer Connie Russell, Gene Sheldon, comedian Jay Lawrence, singers The Gaylords, The Nita Bieber Dancers, announcer Don Wilson, and Vic Schoen and his Orchestra. Jay Lawrence performs a comedy routine. Sammy Davis, Jr. sings "Because of You," "Hey, There" and "The Birth of the Blues". Russell performs "One Arabian Night" and "You've Changed." The Gaylords do "The Little Shoemaker" and "I Love You."
17 Oct. 1954
Friar's Frolics
This episode celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the Friar's Club.
24 Oct. 1954
Revenge with Music
Adaptation of the 1934 Broadway musical by Howard Dietz and Arthur Schwartz involving a romantic triangle.
21 Nov. 1954
Let's Face It
Adaptation of Cole Porter's famous 1941 musical which ran on Broadway for 547 performances. Three wives grow suspicious of their husbands' supposed hunting trips and decide throw a small party and invite three young Army recruits as their dates. The recruits' girlfriends learn about the party and crash it and are soon joined by the wives' husbands who return from hunting early.
12 Dec. 1954
Episode #5.10
Gordon MacRae hosts with guests Tony Curtis, Gloria De Haven, Gene Nelson, Paul Gilbert, Mara Corday, in person and on film in a preview of So This Is Paris, plus Gene Sheldon, Notre Dame Coach Terry Brennan, the 1955 Rose Bowl Queen, special guests Jeff Chandler and Rock Hudson, Carmen Dragon and his Orchestra
19 Dec. 1954
Episode #5.11
At Dean's diner, a hungry Jerry shows up looking for a job, but he proves incompetent and makes a mess of the spaghetti that patrons are waiting for. In the next skit, Jerry is adopted by Mr. and Mrs. Martin at an orphanage, where he's twice the size of the other boys. Their guest Jack Benny is billed as "Phil Abrams" and does nearly nothing.

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