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Conrad Veidt: Major Heinrich Strasser



  • Major Strasser : What is your nationality?

    Rick : I'm a drunkard.

    Captain Renault : That makes Rick a citizen of the world.

    [all laugh] 

  • Major Strasser : Are you one of those people who cannot imagine the Germans in their beloved Paris?

    Rick : It's not particularly my beloved Paris.

    Heinz : Can you imagine us in London?

    Rick : When you get there, ask me!

    Captain Renault : Hmmh! Diplomatist!

    Major Strasser : How about New York?

    Rick : Well there are certain sections of New York, Major, that I wouldn't advise you to try to invade.

  • [about Rick] 

    Major Strasser : You give him credit for too much cleverness. My impression was that he's just another blundering American.

    Captain Renault : We musn't underestimate "American blundering". I was with them when they "blundered" into Berlin in 1918.

  • Major Strasser : [arriving too late to stop Victor Laszlo from escaping]  What was the meaning of that phone call?

    Captain Renault : [pointing to the plane]  Victor Laszlo is on that plane.

    Major Strasser : [after looking at the plane]  Why do you stand here? Why don't you stop him?

    Captain Renault : Ask Monsieur Rick.

    Rick : [sees Strasser begin to move toward the telephone, and draws a gun]  Get away from that phone!

    Major Strasser : I would advise you not to interfere.

    Rick : I was willing to shoot Captain Renault and I'm willing to shoot you.

    Major Strasser : [picks up the telephone]  Hello?

    Rick : Put that phone down!

    Major Strasser : Get me the radio tower.

    Rick : PUT IT DOWN!

    [Strasser draws a gun, he and Rick both fire simultaneously, Strasser falls mortally wounded, shortly afterward, some police arrive on the scene] 

    Captain Renault : Major Strasser has been shot.

    [Renault looks at Rick, Rick gives him a look] 

    Captain Renault : Round up the usual suspects.

    [the police pick up Major Strasser's body and leave, Renault looks over at Rick, who is smiling] 

  • Captain Renault : By the way, last night you evinced an interest in Señor Ugarte.

    Victor Laszlo : Yes.

    Captain Renault : I believe you have a message for him?

    Victor Laszlo : Nothing important, but may I speak to him now?

    Major Heinrich Strasser : You would find the conversation a trifle one-sided. Señor Ugarte is dead.

    Ilsa : Oh.

    Captain Renault : I am making out the report now. We haven't quite decided yet whether he committed suicide or died trying to escape.

  • Major Strasser : We have a complete dossier on you: Richard Blaine, American, age 37. Cannot return to his country. The reason is a little vague. We also know what you did in Paris, Mr. Blaine, and also we know why you left Paris.

    [hands the dossier to Rick] 

    Major Strasser : Don't worry, we are not going to broadcast it.

    Rick : [reading]  Are my eyes really brown?

  • Captain Renault : We are very honored tonight, Rick. Major Strasser is one of the reasons the Third Reich enjoys the reputation it has today.

    Major Heinrich Strasser : You repeat *Third* Reich as though you expected there to be others!

    Captain Renault : Well, personally, Major, I will take what comes.

  • Major Strasser : Perhaps you have already observed that in Casablanca human life is cheap.

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