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Tyrone Power: Jamie Waring



  • Jamie : In Tortuga when a woman slaps a man's face, it means she wants him to grab her, overpower her, and smother her with kisses. I understand in Jamaica a gentleman must refuse such overtures.

  • Capt. Sir Henry Morgan : I wish my nature hadn't changed. I'd have made that whole assembly walk the plank.

    Jamie : You can't go wrong drowning politicians, Morgan.

  • Margaret Denby : Jamie boy! You know your not supposed to be out of bed! Haven't you caused me enough trouble already? Get back to your bunk! Oh, Jamie boy.

    Jamie : That's only twice. Once more - I said 'three' times.

    Margaret Denby : Jamie boy...

  • [as he binds and gags Lady Margaret before abducting her] 

    Jamie : You make courtship a little more strenuous than I like it.

  • Jamie : I always sample a bottle of wine before I buy it. Let's have a sip, see if you're worth taking along.

  • [Don Miguel's interrogation of Jamie Waring is interrupted by the sound of cannon fire] 

    Don Miguel : What is that?

    Jamie : The devil looking after his own!

  • [newly-appointed governor of Jamaica Sir Henry Morgan, Jamie Waring, and Tommy Blue arrive at the seemingly deserted Government House] 

    Jamie : The occasion seems a little lacking in enthusiasm, Henry.

    Capt. Sir Henry Morgan : I imagined we'd meet with some slight disapproval.

    Tom 'Tommy' Blue : At least we don't have to shoot our way in.

  • Jamie : You can lower your pistols, Lady Margaret.

    Margaret Denby : Unfortunately, I have no pistols.

    Jamie : Your eyes. I've looked into pistol barrels that are warmer.

  • Jamie : Your presence is more disturbing to Madam Waring, I assure you!

    Capt. Billy Leech : Now, Jamie. You're talking different than you used to. I recall you trading me a girl for two barrels of rum! Of course, this one's better. All in one price she's got two ears, no fingers missing, worth three barrels of rum!

    Margaret Denby : Why don't you offer him FIVE?

    Jamie : Don't tempt him, Darling, I might take it!

  • Jamie : Church bells.

    Tom 'Tommy' Blue : Aye. Some people likes to hear them. I like trumpets better.

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