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1. Pandemic (II) (2009)

R | 91 min | Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller

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A veterinarian finds herself in the midst of a horrifying pandemic where humans and animals are stricken with a horrible, contagious disease. She must pair up with an eccentric conspiracy theorist to discover the true source of the threat.

Director: Jason Connery | Stars: Ray Wise, Graham McTavish, Peter Holden, Alesha Rucci

Votes: 678

2. Now You Know (2002)

R | 102 min | Comedy, Romance

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On the eve of his bachelor party, a man learns his fiancee wants to call off the wedding. The unmarried couple returns to New Jersey to sort out their relationship.

Director: Jeff Anderson | Stars: Jeff Anderson, Suzette Andrea, Todd Babcock, Earl Boen

Votes: 1,553

3. Light Warriors (2020)

Fantasy | Announced

Last year, a serial killer styling himself as 'Dracula' terrorized a sleepy town near Mt. Shasta, California. SEAN KING's police officer dad sacrificed himself to end Dracula's reign of ... See full summary »

Director: Sean Stone | Stars: Forrest Wheeler, Daniel DiMaggio, Myles Truitt, Georgia Pemberton

4. Moxie the Movie (2019)


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The story of Sinclair Anapest, a failed novelist, ready to kick the bucket after being informed in no uncertain terms that his writing lacks "moxie" (energy, know-how) and his manuscripts ... See full summary »

Star: Polina Capuano

5. The Rain Makers (2005)

R | 93 min | Action, Drama

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A man returns to his small home town from the Vietnam War and discovers corruption, graft, a crooked Sheriff and other dirty deeds.

Director: Ray Ellingsen | Stars: Jake Busey, Ray Wise, David Andrews, Louis Herthum

Votes: 110

6. The Manny

Comedy | Pre-production

A former TV idol and Hollywood bad-boy, takes a job as a nanny to the little girl next door and must apply lessons learned in order to save his relationship with his own daughter.

Director: Robert Rosenbaum

7. No Rest for the Brave

Biography, Drama, Thriller | Announced

A Navy Petty Officer denounces an illegal scheme to sell weapons to Iran using the USS Kitty Hawk and ends up involved in the Iran-Contra affair. Based on the memoirs Running Scared, written by Navy Petty Officer Robert W. Jackson.

8. Back on the Water

Sport | Announced

Four brothers. Two generations. One family's extraordinary quest for gold.

9. 22 (II)

Action, Drama, War | Announced

After witnessing the death of his brother in combat, a traumatized young marine struggles internally while seeking help that becomes increasingly difficult to obtain.

10. Four Strings

Family | Pre-production

A coming of age story about a troubled 16 year old girl in foster care in Hawaii, whose path to empowerment begins when a mysterious old man teaches her the ukulele - and she makes it to the World Ukulele Championships in Honolulu.

Director: Gregory Poppen | Star: Cassidy Mack

11. Mad Mex

Comedy | Announced

As influential as Bruce Lee, as famous as Elvis Presley, from 1975-1979, Juan Tyrone Garcia flashed through the martial arts community and mainstream media like a lighting bolt, until ... See full summary »

Director: Ray Ellingsen

12. Rockwell: God and Guns

Western | Announced

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13. Still (VII)

Thriller | Pre-production

After the death of his wife, a grief stricken father and his sons are frightened, then threatened by messages seemingly being sent by her, from beyond the grave. Desperate for answers, the ... See full summary »

14. Blue Valley, USA

Drama | Announced

The story of Carly Harris, a young woman reaching for the American dream of fame and fortune and finding instead, the world of American porn. Based on the actual lives of several real life ... See full summary »

15. The Hoodlum Preacher

Drama | Announced

The Hoodlum Preacher details a life of crime and redemption, as a former drug addict now helps troubled youth and young prisoners avert a wasted life and to turn things around as he finally did.

16. Whorrible

Comedy | Announced

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Director: Gregory Pellerito

17. Straps

Horror | Pre-production

A thrill-seeking tour group hunts for evidence that a machete-wielding 1980s era serial killer still lives in the woods, but end up caught in the cross fire between the killer and a greater evil.

Director: Matthew David

18. 100 Days of Death

Horror | Announced

A man, who has always been a loner, finds himself the head of a misfit surrogate family when society devolves after an apocalyptic virus virtually destroys humanity.

19. Six Deadly Fingers of Fury

Comedy | Announced

The character Juan Garcia is an innocent bystander in life who accidentally stumbles into amazing fortune and fame. Those around Juan are inspired by his status and his "fans" have ... See full summary »

20. The Catalyst

90 min | Horror | Announced

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Director: Alan Fine

21. Rolling Paper

Action, Drama | Announced

Rolling Paper is the story of Emery, an alone, resourceful and cynical 20-year-old from the Bronx - living and working off the books - who desperately wants to settle into college but can't... See full summary »

22. Hurley HazeBook: 101

Comedy | Announced

When Tim Brown's public humiliation goes viral, his appetite for revenge serves as the catalyst for a campus-wide prank war. And no one is safe.

Director: Gregory Pellerito

23. Riot Girl

Biography, Drama | Announced

When McKinley is killed in 1901, Emma Goldman is already a strong social influence and challenge to ruling powers. But her connection to his assassin ignites a crusade against her and all she defends.

Director: Monica Sender

24. Intent to Cure

Drama | Announced

When army veteran, Robert, loses his house in foreclosure, he barricades himself inside his house. In a tense standoff with Police, Family, and army veteran counselor, Marcus, the fate of Robert hangs in the balance.

Director: Paul Vincent Rodriguez

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