Rob and Laura Begin
20 February 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Warning do not read unless seen episode.

This episode is an honorable mention, basically it's simply about both meeting for the first time and I felt it was executed very well.

Liked seeing a little of what both Rob and Laura were like back then, both weren't that different except for the fact they never met yet. Really like Rob's interactions with his friend from the army, he is a well-meaning guy but the only problem is the guy is a complete imbecilic. It's just funny how the guy just keeps making things worse when he mentions how Rob always makes a bad first impression.

I like how both Rob and Laura interact with one another. For Rob it was love at first sight but for Laura not so much. Really like the things that Rob says to Laura, but Laura she takes Rob's impression wrong or misunderstands and of course dismisses the guy. This is funny because it's true most of the time whenever we interact for the first time with someone we're attracted to or like, we simply get off on the wrong foot.

But of course, we see Rob doesn't give up and of course his chance to met up with Laura comes in a Stage Number which is the pay off with the episode. When we see both dance together and sing "You Wonderful You" it is just beautiful because that song along with the beginning to end of the dance number it perfectly sums up the relationship between the two.

Rob and Laura are truly in step with each other.

Rating: 3 and a half stars
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