Family Ties: Mr. Wrong (1985)
Season 4, Episode 3
Wrong Right Guy
10 February 2020
This is my second favorite episode of the show, this introduces us to side character Nick who is my favorite side character in the entire show.

The plotline is sort of the typical premise on one of the characters dating someone that outside the norm or doesn't fall into their criteria or expectations. It's funny in itself as a friend or family member has had those dates that were of questionable taste. But also, good drama as it's on both Steven and Elise having to deal with the reality Mallory is grown up and only she can decide what's best for her love life.

However, to me what really powers the episode is Nick, this character is both hilarious and awesome. Nick is a person that beats to a different drummer, despite how off beat he may seem he's actually a smart and creative guy as he's an environmental and junk artist, where he was able to make a hat out of garbage, hopefully it was sanitized.

I really like the fact he's obviously a Stallone fan, which is cool as I am also. From his hairstyle, a little of what he wears, but also the voice he puts on. Though the voice also kind of sounds a bit like Fonzie from "Happy Days" as he's got some of those same sound beats and inflections.

Some of Nicks character almost reminds me a bit of Fonzie, from the fact he rides a motorbike but also has a rebellious side to him. However, what I like is he really does have a good heart as we see some of how both Mallory and Nick interact and what happens at the end which shows why Nick may 'be right for Mallory.

As an old song goes, "If loving you is wrong, I don't want to be right." True words for both Mallory and Nick.

Rating: 4 stars
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