The Munsters: A House Divided (1966)
Season 2, Episode 29
Divided Calamity
5 February 2020
This is my favorite episode of the show, it's pretty much a Herman Munster and Grandpa episode and it's my favorite one in my book as both are truly at their best. Both Herman and Grandpa are one of my favorite comedic duos, it's funny when we see both get along as friends, but it's even funnier when both butt heads together.

Really liked the beginning when Herman takes Eddies go cart present for a test spin but of course knowing Herman you know a lot goes wrong in an instant. It's funny seeing how much destruction Herman causes with that out of control go kart, almost more than any person that played the "Grand Theft Auto" video games.

This over course leads to the dividing line throughout the house. It's just funny how the line has just made both of them clash even more. As we see both are fighting over who gets what or who owns what; heck they even go so far as to paint the line on Spot.

Though the clashing causing just as much grief for Lily and the rest of the family, which then causes Lily and Marylin to beat both at their own game to teach them a lesson. It's funny when Lily and Marylin use the line rule to their advantage which gives both Grandpa and Herman a great deal of grief.

Yeah, the lesson in this episode is obviously it's better to make friends than enemies. But all the same it was a fun fight just as this is a fun episode.

Rating: 4 stars
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