Mr. Robot (2015–2019)
a rare and indisputable masterpiece
17 December 2019
This show is absolutely genius, but it never quite gained the massive acclaim it deserves because it focuses on making every single scene meaningful and visually appealing, rather than coming up with as many quotable one-liners and high-budget special effects moments as possible. In other words, it's very different from other shows. This isn't a show about a villainous main character that people mistake as an antihero. This is a show about control: what people do to gain it, what it does to the world, and how it's really nothing more than a concept that we obsess over. Mr. Robot is the story of its time, and I'm not saying that because it's an incredibly made show. It's more relevant to the country we live in than anything else on television, and perhaps more than any show in history. Think of every critically acclaimed show from the U.S., and ask yourself: were they specifically relevant to what was happening in our country at the time? This show is... and it is terrifyingly accurate. Besides being commendable for its accuracy, Mr. Robot truly rewards its viewers for paying attention to detail, much like The Wire did. Subplots are hinted in one season and left alone until they come back with a vengeance in a later season, and if you remember the hint then you're even more excited by the payoff. There are incredible symbols and motifs throughout every episode, like Elliot's beta fish "Qwerty", the ominous knocking at his apartment door, Price's references to WWI, Elliot's use of computer language to explain his mental state and the crises he faces, and many more. The characters have their own unique motivations for the things they do, and they never make those obvious plot-device mistakes that characters make on so many other shows to get the conflict rolling. Ralphthemoviemaker does a great job explaining why the camerawork is so amazing on his youtube video about Mr. Robot, so I won't bother repeating him, but definitely check it out for yourself. My personal favorite aspect of this show is the villains... they are outstanding. Fernando, Ray, Irving, whiterose, and the rest of the people who try to manipulate the protagonists, they all have a unique perspective of the world and a unique past that warps their moral guidelines. I hope this show gains more praise and recognition for its originality, because right now it is one of the most underrated shows of all time, and those who appreciate excellent television will agree.
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