Review of Santet

Santet (2018)
Horrible, just horrible...
30 July 2019
I got roped into this atrocity by one of those click-bait headlines promising to show you the "best horror movies you've never heard of." Wel, it certainly showed me several I'd never heard of, but none of them were anywhere close to "best," especially this clump. Evidently, the very strangely put-together star, Kelley Brook, has been in a few TV shows or something, but I don't know how or why. She can't act. She can't even act like she can act. She was even more lame than the poor Indonesian dude who played her husband. In fact, the only real actors in the film were the kids and I'm hoping being in this thing doesn't ruin their future. There's seriously no scares, no story, no magic, nothing supernatural, or anything else that would make this be called a horror movie. Avoid this at all cost.
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